Rohan Bendre Poems

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The Hockey Player's Aid- A Play

(Stage Opens) .
Hockey Fan is Motivating a Hockey Player.
Hockey Fan- Your Perseverance will Surely get the Fruit of Success. Just Ensure the Hard Work is in Excess.

Men Who Will Make A Difference

The Dedication Of The Soldier had a Different Story to Tell
Security of The Nation was the Main Concern in The Tale
The Poem of the Satirist Had a Different Message to Say
To Unite were is Efforts For.

Happy Women's Day

Uncle Trevor Went to Picnic With Jack And Sam. They went to Place Which was Ran by Women.

The Next day Jack Joked with Sam

Stray Dog And The Pet Dog-A Play

(Stage Opens.)

Stray Dog Says to Himselves.

The Qwl's Plight

Greetings Everybody As I Wish a Warm Welcome
To Come to my Help I Request your Presence in Huge Sum.
For My Plight in Utmost Danger
How Come to my plight You have turned a stranger.

Save The Tigers

The Tremendous Tiger Often a Reason of Pride.
Bravery is what You Often Associate.
People Often Associate.
But it was all Past Tense.

The Plight Of The Horse

This is The Story of Henry The Horse

Rarely his Condition had Effect on People
Little did they know his voice was Hoarse

Happy World Animal Day

The Special Day has Came
Celebrations will be at Highest Level
Every Single Day it made it look like a Year
Inspite of Huge Celebrations it had Rarely any Effect on Human Ear

The Common Man's Responsibility

A Definition of a Soldier, A Definition of a Soldier.
Protection of The Country Will be his Sole Target.
To Protect Several Lives He is all set.
For Protecting Country He will do lot of Sacrifice.

The Bull's Concern- A Play

(Stage Opens)

Bull- For Me Pain is the Description How Can People Welcome Such Decision?

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