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student studying computers
good soccer player good in history
good poet

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Ranjeet Varma 06 December 2018

The poems are very awesome! keep doing it!

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Rajnish Manga 14 August 2017

I didn't know that you have such a vast treasure house of poetry on a range of subjects. I would like to go through as many as I could. Thanks and Best Wishes.

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The Best Poem Of Rohan Bendre

Men Who Will Make A Difference

The Dedication Of The Soldier had a Different Story to Tell
Security of The Nation was the Main Concern in The Tale
The Poem of the Satirist Had a Different Message to Say
To Unite were is Efforts For.
The Prayer of The Poor Man had a different Message
All he wanted is the same Message
Many will do their Best
When Enemies try to Attack in Conquest
When you see Some thing Wrong it is your Right to Protest
War is not only for Soldiers but also for Common Men
Participation can be in Many Ways
Let's Change the Scene
Whenever Country is in need
Unity is urgent indeed
To make The Country Different Place
Let us Contribute and Make The Difference
I Proud to be an Indian

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Rohan Bendre Popularity

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