On Hearing Of The Death Of Mary Kiely

I heard about the death of Mary Kiely
And sorry the only word that I can say
She was a nice and kind and caring person
And memories of her just won't fade away.

If there's a Heaven she is with the Angels
She is in that World where skies are never gray
If she could not help you she would never hinder
And for her soul there is no need to pray.

She will be missed from Liscahane and Millstreet
For she was loved by all in her home place
She won you with the warmth of her greeting
And she always had a happy smiling face.

I often met her in the Town of Millstreet
And she always smiled and waved and said hello
And such kind gestures one tend to remember
Though that was far away and years ago.

She will be sadly missed by all who knew her
And by the many friends in life she had
For there could only be one Mary Kiely
And for her family I do feel sad.

I heard the sad news about Mary Kiely
In her kind heart the light of goodness shone
She was a warm and nice and caring person
And in the memories of those who knew her she lives on.