Jayesh Ganesh

Rookie (June 26th,1987 / Rourkela)

On Hope - Poem by Jayesh Ganesh

There is no pleasure,
like the pleasure of knowing things,
and no joy,
like the joy of doing things.

There is no innocence,
only the curiosity of a child.
No maturity,
only the fear of taking risks.

There is no confidence,
only conviction,
and no greatness,
only vision.

There is no Love,
only the urge to participate in others’ happiness.
There is no honesty,
only an urge to rid oneself of guilt.

There is no purity, only Nature,
and no order like chaos.
There are no morals,
only ideals of aspiration.

There are no wants,
only needs.
There are no prayers,
only deeds.

No luck,
only chance.
And then,
There is Hope.

Hope is a prayer; a prayer in search,
of deliverance from chance.
Hope is what we need,
to achieve what we want.

Hope allows one,
to aspire to morality.
Hope is in Nature and in it,
is an essence of the purity of life.

Hope is an agent of order in times of chaos.
Hope is honest. Hope is Love.
Hope allows us to act,
on our visions with conviction.

Hope is a hope that we will someday,
take mature decisions in our innocence.
In hope, lie the joy of life,
and the pleasures of a future.

Hope is in the reassuring embrace of the Mother,
the thoughtful advice of the Father,
the tenacious arguments of a younger Sibling
and the gentle, playful smile of the Lover.

Hope is contagious,
addictive even.

Hope is what motivates us,
to get up every morning,
and hope is what nestles,
in our heart as we lie down to sleep.

Hope is in you.
Hope is in me.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Hope inspires us to do great things.Hope binds all living things together. Hope allows humanity to flourish. Hope adds meaning to life. And in a leap of faith, hope is present and in everything you did or will do today, hope manifests as You; and “Philosophy and Life' become one”. Hope is in you. Hope is in me.

So hope against hope; for hope, manifest in the Strong Nuclear Force allowed nucleons to find each other; hope, manifest in Gravity makes the Earth go around the Sun and hope in probability allowed life to evolve.

Because if you think about it, the chances of us having inherited this beautiful cosmos, this verdant planet, a supportive family, these loving friendships and, this Space in this Time; are but, one in a floppidy jillion gazillion trillion infinity billion.

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