On Mick Kelleher Poem by Francis Duggan

On Mick Kelleher

In 1968 he left Claraghatlea to work with his uncle Phil Cronin far south of old Duhallow
To Melbourne in Victoria his life's destiny to follow
He married a good Aussie woman Rosemary Cronan of his children the mother
After almost forty years of married life as man and wife still together.

Mick Kelleher would be a Millstreet man at heart even if he lived forever
And his ties with the past that bind he has no wish to sever
The nostalgia in him has not died he recalls distant places
He retains fond memories of the past and old familiar faces.

Mick Kelleher a hard working man he is the real go getter
As a pipe layer 'tis said of him that there is not one better
He earns every dollar he is paid and though his prime years long behind him
A character in his own right you take him as you find him.

Though in this distant southern Land he may live his life's December
Back in Millstreet his old Hometown he is one many remember
Thirty nine years ago the wanderlust from Claraghatlea did take him
But the accent that he brought with him it never did forsake him.

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