On Parting Poem by Nikola Vaptsarov

On Parting

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To My Wife

Sometimes I'll come when you're asleep,
An unexpected visitor.
Don't leave me outside in the street.
Don't bar the door!

I'll enter quietly, softly sit.
And gaze upon you in the dark.
Then when my eyes have gazed their fill,
I'll kiss you and depart.

George Bozhidarov 16 August 2015

I would like to suggest a different approach to the translation- one that is obviously not as strict to the metric structure and even in regards to the contents of the original text in Bulgarian; and yet, one that is more true to the overall feeling that Vaptsarov incorporates in his poem. A Farewell For I shall come when you're asleep- A voice you no more seem to hear; Leave not the hinges on your door- Do not but leave me on the road. And I shall listen in the dark For things you whisper in your dreams. And once I've listened it enough Shall softly kiss you. And then leave.

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Yoanna D 14 April 2022

TO translate poetry you have to be a poet yorself. You have made a good suggestion, it conveys the meaning, without translating word for word.

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