Lili Freebird

On That Beach - Poem by Lili Freebird

On that Beach,
A nature's dream,
All I have ever went out to seek,
I had realized,
Opened up my eyes,
And I had seen,
Right there,
On that Beach.

My brother's girlfriend,
Grinning as she shoved her hand,
Inside his chest,
And stole his heart,
Only so that she could,
Soon enough,
On that beach,
And throw it into the sea.

On that beach,
I can still smell the summer blooms,
Even though I am miles away,
This memory will never go,
In the middle of that lonely beach,
My first experience of tasting my last lust’s desire,
To be free,
As I wished,
But held down,
Tight and cruel,
For it to be so good,
That it hurt.

In the middle of that lonely beach,
A meadow.
There he took my hand,
There I met him,
There I gave myself to him,
There he embraced me,
There he left me,
'Goodbye, get over yourself, ' he said, 'wake up! What are you scared of! Ha? If you don’t start living right now, then you never will. I don’t need you anymore, because your so weak and insecure. Goodbye.'
With a single rotation of passion and the end to what we never were.

On that beach,
The sea so cold,
I saw a bird singing on and on,
About the things it’s seen before it came to live.

On that beach,
There was a tree,
Halfway falling to the ground,
With a struggle it came down.

On that beach,
Everything was being torn apart,
In the sandstorm it all died,
Drop by drop,
My life had trickled down,
On the floor.

On that beach I bit my lip,
I tasted blood,
Didn’t wish to see the chaos,
I screamed out loud,
A smile on my face had spread,
And finally,
The sea buried me.

I was born here,
I belong,
And I will die here,
It’s the only right thing that I will ever do,
In the right time,
In the right place.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poem Edited: Sunday, February 5, 2012

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