Once Upon A Day Poem by Aloumalove-Alouwou Mandjah

Once Upon A Day

Lately, It hasn't been any good news under the sun,
but October 2010 Chileans Miners rescue was a good one.
69 days trapped half a mile underground, tough situation
and a survival story that captured the world's attention.
From August 5th to Oct 13, the Miners were like buried alive
But God gave them another chance to appreciate life
Chilean's Government with help of others work tirelessly
Against what could have been the worst miners' tragedy
All over the world, people were praying, hoping for the best
That day, rescuers have decided to save first, the youngest
After 24 minutes of suspense, he was carefully saved
within 24 hours, all of them were no longer in the cave
It was like a movie scene or an unscripted reality show
but a live broadcasting with no stuntman or fake win blow...
With God blessings and rescuers' ingenuity
The Miners were able to be reunited with their family
People were shading tears of joy, beginning of a new life
Hugging, kissing, chanting, dancing, victorious high five
Indeed, it hasn't been any good news in a long time at all
but, October 13,2010 the minors' rescue touched the world
Finally, an inspiring moment, a good news for Humanity
With faith, empathy, resiliency and good use of Technology.
A wonderful story! May God bless all who were in the play.
Now it's time to rejoice. What a great way to start the day!

© Aloumalove Mandjah (All rights reserved, Oct 2018)

Once Upon A Day
I wrote that text back in October 2010, but I misplaced it since then. I am glad to find it at the right time. It's been 8 years since the Chilean Miners rescue.
Carl Roussell 22 November 2018

I remember watching it play out on TV and you have captured the feeling well!

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Sean Glasgy 02 October 2018

Yes I remember that day. Thanks for Sharing Alouwou. Great job!

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