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In a park downtown
There is that one tree,
Close to the sidewalk,
The one with the bench;

It's crawling in you.
When the pain starts the cloud drops;
No silver lining.
The storm, this disease in you,


Mom won't want to go
Through that again. So
She will have her voice,
And this is her choice,

You felt,
you thought I knew,
but I didn't. Did I
come across as cold, unfeeling?

There is in me a man,
one who cares and feels,
and yes, one who is afraid,
of you, and because of you.

Sometimes if you try
You will almost see the sky
And know that it is

writing letters.
Words of hope, fear and life.
building bonds of sincerity.

I keep looking back
But you're not there. Where are you?
Where have you gone to?
We're walking different roads,

He's never lonely,
with pen to write, eyes to read,
to share feelings.
Release the words to the page.

We knew the forecast,
a storm on the horizon
was headed this way.
A storm raging in the sky.

I have lost my way.
They took it and they shook it;
my destination.
So though I am still searching,

This is the story of a young woman.
Maybe you know her or maybe you don't,
or maybe it's the tale of a young man.
I'll stick with 'she', but there are some who won't,

They're at the pub sipping liquid courage,
three pints of suds, bravery for the night
even though they know well the old adage,
"Don't try to drink your problems away - fright."

I look behind your eyes
to try to see who you are,
but the more I look
the more I know that

I'm bored,
So I go out.
Now walking down the street, I
Stop for a drink and there she is.

The floods are flooding homes,
And fires burn some more.
Mother has had enough.

In Hell, no chance.
They melt, evaporate,
Leaving nothing behind.

You've taken it, your show,
as far as it would go;
yours, a life not meant to last.
Which memories to keep,

Carl Roussell Biography

I started writing in 1985, the same time as learning to play music. The most active bands and roles in each are: Drummer - Imagined Perils Keyboards - Response; In The Kitchen Guitar - A&D (Arwen and Dad) When posting a lyric the minimum number of phrase repeats necessary to convey the idea/story of the piece will be used.)

The Best Poem Of Carl Roussell

The Story.

The pen tells the story,
The ink my blood,
the page my world,
the song my heart.

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Mahtab Bangalee 10 February 2019

Carl Roussell- the FINEST and BEAUTIFUL LYRICAL POET. EVERY single POEM is a SONG of BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Love HIS writings.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Carl Roussell from Hamilton, Canada as, Genius Gist. This title of honour is offered to him due to his perseverance in literature. We hope all poets, visitors and people will like this.

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Aqua Flower 06 October 2018

A musician and writer and now friend, Carl Rousselll's poems are both interesting and unique. Quet and shy by nature, his writings and music reflect the opposite!

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'Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear'

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Carl Roussell Popularity

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