Rashmi Sheel

One Bright Summer Life - Poem by Rashmi Sheel

One bright summer life,
with a bounce in her stride
Joyful she skipped, day by day,
In her bright summer life.
Smiled and Danced on her way did she,
Innocent, Ignorant
Of how cold and dark, it could be,
Unaware but Happy, as she could be
In her bright summer life.

With a flash did he come,
Her soft love he had won
In his arms, she felt at ease
Little she knew, Destiny started her tease
Some magical dreams on her he spawned
With a sudden wave of his wavering wand
Bright, colorful and magical
It lit the starlit skies, so very mystical
Remained in love, dreamy eyed,
This one dreamy young bright life.

He showed her a thorny way to her dreams of love
She did tread ahead, looking at the floaty love.
A path she had to tread with care,
Loving the piercing pain, she did dare
Though it would break her in pieces or more,
she did it all for the one she did adore
Hiding all soreness, and her pain
she smiled, so his eye do never rain.
Things happened to the worst of her fears,
Hurt he got, on his own delusions,
He fleed blaming her innocence.
Very lonely was she,
The girl under the leafless lonely tree.

Dark clouds, shadowed the young lass
A big bad world with thirsty sorcerers it was
Near to her, they wiped her tears and to her dismay
They revealed, on a long long lonely day
No magician was he, just a cute face with honeysome tweet
On his back he carried a bag full of deceit.
Painfully she cried,
The poor shattered lonely life.
Broken Life, a sudden puzzle with missing pieces everywhere
Searching pieces of the dark, turning stones here and there
Started the quest of her life,
Missing pieces that may remain missing for a lifetime.

In search, she moved, she did tread,
Learning hard ways to earn her own bread.
She moved towards brightness and greener ground,
And another helping hand she found,
Strong, steady and feet on ground firmly.
She held his hand may be a bit reluctantly.
Her illusions all, he did clear
Gazy fog was now no where near.
A blessed friend she had now found.
Though secretly in her heart, she did yearn,
Missing pieces, few stones that went unturned
And the night oil burnt and burnt.

One day, bright and bright as can be,
More realized, more thoughtful was she,
Turning stones, only worms do yield,
With worms nothing ever healed.
The purpose of those pieces, a design of its kind,
beyond grasp, boundaries of human mind.
Purpose none one other than her own fate
Her own bright life, with her loving mate.
Her feet on ground and she let the pieces pass,
No illusions now, appreciation of what she has,
she soars now high, comprehending the love she found
Strong helping hands, A friend, the bestest on ground
The real hard life with pure love, sunshine all around
Being a strong woman, mother and a devoted wife
Lies her happiest brightest summer life.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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