Bella Magik

One Day I Will - Poem by Bella Magik

One day I will turn around and everything will shine
a brand new day will dawn upon all I have left behind
Good riddance to the darker days that saw me running wild
to wear an adults skin when I was clearly still a child
to live a life left unfufilled, to scream a silent prayer
with whispers I now thank the heavens, I'm no longer there.

One day I will turn around with my arms open wide
welcoming with warmth the few who dare stand by my side
knowing now the kind of strength it takes just to survive
with whispers I now thank the heavens I am still alive

One day I will turn around with no heartbeats of regret
and feel the peace that comes with all that I choose to forget
forgive myself for all I've done that made my time stand still
though there are many who will not forgive and most likely, never will
I will face the fire of the demons that scald my inner self
with whispers I now thank the heavens I can like myself

One day I will turn around content to just be me
look myself straight in the eye, be who I want to be
with no fear of the failure that has haunted me for years
with whispers I say thankyou as the darkness disappers

One day I will turn around and cry the tears that burn
behind the eyes that saw so much the mind can not return
from all that I've forsaken in my bid to numb the pain
I cry for those I've loved and lost and will not see again
I cry inside but cannot seem to bring my tears to life
with humble whispers I now bow before my every sacrifice

One day I will turn around a slave no more to what
has bought me to the very nothing place that I have got
to show for all the minutes I have wasted in neglect
with whispers I thank heaven for the poison I reject

One day comes and one day goes and rarely does it show
a win when you are trapped within your negatives below
the surface of your sanity, left barely in your reach
learning only from the darkest lessons life can teach
one day I can see myself standing on a shore
in the arms of those I love and feel this pain no more

written by BellaMajik 29.01.2010

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 29, 2010

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