Bella Magik Poems

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Her golden hair meets the sun, she's searching to be free
her memories, like the turning tide, have been washed away to sea

she rides the distant horses to what she's searching for

To Spoil

Across the water blue, glide the contrast of an oil
Spilt regardless of the beauty free to us we spoil
Un-contained, what will not blend, divides and all that’s left
Is the suffocating stain of loss that smears a beating chest?


Finding ground to fight beneath my fingertips
one hit to greet the canvass, met with my open lips
unhesitant surrender and I only lose
crawl to walk the steps in elevated shoes

Easter With Her Dad

You are leaving tomorrow and although you’ll be back soon.
I’ll miss you long before he picks you up at noon.
Just when I think that I couldn’t love you anymore.
I know I’ll love you double when you walk back through the door.

Not So Much

It's not so much that we need only love ourselves,
for most of us, for most our lives, seek love from someone else
It's not so much that we need only make it on our own,
for most of us, for most our lives, don't want to be alone

Well, So How Many?

If words were bullets and mouths were a gun, how many people have you shot for fun?
How many times have you aimed from a fence? How many times have you claimed self-defence?
How many souls have you lined up to take, random shots at so they'll bleed and they'll break?
I wonder when you're shooting somebody else, if it's so you don't feel like shooting yourself?

I Woke Up Crying

I woke up crying knowing,
open eyes would not present me
The vision I crave as I long each night to be
Pinned down by the weight of you Iris blue collide

Aging Grace

If you're not in a hurry, please sit and talk with me awhile
it would be nice to have someone to share a simple smile
for so long I've been counting shadows just to pass the time
as days become the thief who steals away this life of mine

What You Do Best

Cower in fear as the caged tigers roar
bearing it's teeth as it's not done before
pacing so constant, scratching the floor
impatiently knowing, it can't take much more


Jack said that from a distance, the mountains looked like they were red
and the glow from the fire danced for all
off on the far horizon there was unrelenting havoc
as the men who risked their lives watched another gumtree fall