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'One Mic' - Poem by Bragg Adocio

One mic... one shot.
One chance at 'make or break'
One shot to get your voice out
One.... more minute please as I sit and let my breath out.
One mic...
One mic, One mic, One mic, One mic, and only one chance.
One opportunity.
One more.... minute please so I can get my thoughts together.
Just One mic.
Just One mic stand.
Just one stage.
Just one... audience.
One audience, and 200 seats,400 eyes, and if they tape this! ! ......
No.... stop it.
One.... just one, mic.
Just one night to get my name out,
Just one night to get my name out,
Just one night!
One night to get my......
I need a restroom.
No! !
Stop it....
Just think, one.
One mic.
One mic stand.
One stage.
One...... million ways this could go wrong.
One.... pounding headache.
I need a 1st class ticket on air force 1 sitting in seat 101, just 1 small curtain away from the bathroom that only fits one, but occasionally sees 2, and have one crash in 'one'tanamo bay.
'You're on in one minute! '
One minute....
One mic, and just one minute.
Just one mic.
One mic, and one mic stand.
One mic stand and One mic tester;
One cheering crowd and One mic.
One elongated introduction and One mic.
One foot after the other and One mic.
One hand adjusting the mic stand and One mic!
One look into the crowd and One mic!
One cough to clear my throat and One mic!
One mic!
Just One mic!
One mic!
One mic!
One silent a•• crowd of 200 seats and One mic!
400 eyes starin at me and One mic!
5 different camera positions in my face and One mic!
Over one-million ways to f••• up this one chance and One mic!
One mic!
One mic!
I look out into the crowd, one dropp of swet rolls down one side of my face, and with one deep breath I say! ;
'One mic..... One word.'

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