*one Of My Ancient Ones* 'My Poem About Love'

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(I wrote this poem when I was very young. I think I was 12 or 13. I thought I would include it here, as all of my writings seem relevant in my progression of becoming the poet I am today)

I've searched the seven seas and the ocean tide,
But there's no place in the world where love cannot abide.

I've been close to every cloud as fluffy as a feather,
But I know that no matter what, love will last forever.

I've been in the jungle and on every island shore,
But I know that no matter where, there is some love in store.

I've been in every melody and heard every song,
But everywhere I went, love followed along.

I've been on every plain and atop every hill,
But no matter what, love followed me still.

I've walked along the rainbow and seen the pot of gold,
But no matter where I went, love never grew old.

And now you know, there is no place I could be....
Without your love, following me.

Ruby Root 21 September 2006

Hi Lesa, It is so true, It is hard. Love should come so easy but I just find it so complicated. First my husband dies after 10 years and then my ex boyfriend break up after 10 years. It is really hard. Love is not easy at all.

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