Leonora Bus

One Red Rose - Poem by Leonora Bus

There was a rose
She could not bloom
For the fear of exposing her beauty to the world

She heard of storms that wash one away
Of the harsh, cold winds that blow one away
Unlike the others, she was terrified of what awaited her

Never did she see the sun
Never did she notice
He was one who saw the struggles
She kept within

His light poured upon her
She tossed it here and there
Onto the others who surround her
Now they share it between themselves

She felt the warmth once again
She tossed it here and there
Why she didn't appreciate it
He did not undertsand

She did wish to cherish
The warmth of the sun
The scent of spring
A ray of hope
And the sound of the birds
More than any other rose
But she was not yet prepared

Then there came that day
When she agreed to
Feel the warmth
See the ray of hope
And listen to the birds
But the smell of spring was no longer there

The last rose bloomed
Finally showing its colour
The only red rose in the set of them
The sun had given up
And the freezing snow surrounded her
If only the sun had been patient
The sight of the one, red rose would've been

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 20, 2009

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