Only If Poem by Marilee Morley

Only If

Only if you would’ve kept your promise
Only if we got to know each other
Only if you were in my life
Only if you wouldn't hurt me
Only if you would have been their
Only if we could have fun together
Only if one person wasn't in the way
Only if you could get away just for a bit
Only if we knew each other better
Only if we understood whats going on
Only if I wasn't hurt enough
Only if you would stop hurting me
Only if you would understand me to not hurt me
Only if I knew you
Only if you knew me
Only if you how to not hurt my feelings

This pain is unbearable and now I have to live with it the
rest of my life and knowing it will happen again and again
a never ending dream of sorrow and shame that will haunt me
forever more.

Shamba Kaunda 10 July 2011

Impressive thinkin i lyk yo poem...please read ma new poem sing me a song.

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 10 July 2011

A very lovely poem, i like this. There are so many 'only if's in our life that we would say, esp for things that didnt happen the way we wished. But anyway i like the second verse of this poem better. Nice poem :)

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