Strength, Confidence & Freedom Poem by Marilee Morley

Strength, Confidence & Freedom

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Strength, Confidence & Freedom

Strength comes in many forms,
It comes in physical aspect,
Or in a silent mind,
Still it is in many forms.

Confidence is being true to oneself,
Being who you are,
Not following a path that is already laid out,
But making your own by mending it with every step.

Freedom is their so you can do so,
To stand for what you believe in,
Guide yourself in your own beliefs,
Yet stand for those who can not.

Strength is power in so many different ways,
Confidence is being to be who you are,
Freedom is a gift not a right.

Strength, Confidence & Freedom
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom
Ravi A 11 April 2015

Actually speaking, the struggle of the entire universe is for freedom and so, freedom is the precondition of all living beings. Nobody likes any kind of bondage in any way and the battle is for freedom. The man who is gunning down the world is thirst of freedom. The Apostle of peace is also for freedom. So, freedom is a state of all living beings at the core of things. Nobody needs to gift any man to enjoy freedom. Bondage is only an apparent feeling. So long as I feel that I am not bound by any chains, that is my degree of freedom. Even when Christ was under the cross, he felt that he was not at all chained. Otherwise, he would have resisted the act. He accepted it not because he was cornered. That is Freedom. Who gifted him that freedom, Pilathose or Yudas?

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Kelly Kurt 11 April 2015

You are right on all counts, except I believe all people have a right to freedom, but sometimes it is a gift

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