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Should i exculpate
These atheist stray dogs, before its late
That barked, resorting with all might
In Jehovah's premises with fury at night
Such ferocity and incivility against my trait

Should i deterred this fight
Acquaint them for we're one under HIS light
No matter if am black nor white
But stay in extreme punctilious neatness

Towards others' faith and tenacious saintliness
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Trust me its not harsh. The poet who wrote that poem sent me a message once asking me to read one of his poems so I did and the poem was all about being horrible about my country, I asked him why he wanted me to read it and he then started saying bad things about my queen and then insulted my intelligence and my job and he the insulted my religion I am a very religious girl I respect other relgions and am a vert peaceful person and he started saying lies about my religion and he only wrote that poem to insult me and my religion. He insulted me in every way possible for no reason, he doesn't even know me
Mohamed Alpha Ba 29 June 2014

what shud i say your comment wz inspiring

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Shania K. Younce 15 August 2012

I will let you know I am a baptist. The poem is fine. I think whatever was insulted should have been deeply inquired and brought to see you can turn the other cheek.

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eloida Capuno 15 August 2012

whatever one says about your religion, i believe the best to do is to forgive. i like your poem, you wrote well. keep it up.

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Rachel Streek 09 August 2012

Really great poem, and I notice you used the message I sent to you when you when you asked about a comment I left on a poem that was nasty to my religion. Thank you for writing this poem its very good and I hope that other poet reads it

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