Shania K. Younce

Shania K. Younce Poems

Take a drink from a well. Find it cold. Drink it's splendor. Drink it's light. Make it bright. Tastes it's grip hold tihgt. It's sweet cool running sound. It's fish flounder. Ponder, ponder it's mind. Thoughts burn alive. It is quite here. It's tranquility fine. Remember water gentle and flowing. It's fresh calm forever kind.

I don't know about today.

I wake and wake to today.
I wake and wake to today.

A living day.
A living way.
A living life.
A living time.

For a block and maybe I'll talk.
As you walk and talk.
While wagging away.

A pulling weed.
A dieing day.

A sun brightened.

For we dream with our eyes.
We see with our soul.
We speak by heart.
We hear with our mind.

Sing uh bird, sing uh bird all day long.
Hear a tweet come.
Sing uh bird, sing uh bird all day long.
Hear a twitter flap.

Don't ask me why.
Don't tell me why.

I only seem to wonder why.

Death so sweet and kind. In its splendor shines the bright light. While quietly creeping upon you is death. Your embracing the cold. While warming your blood to ice. Turning white, bright, and pale. Your lips rose red. Your eyes full of life. Your hair full of beauty. Its the end of your life.

My light be my delight.
As beauty tis a gray.
A strange light in day.
When time doth breaks away.

Who's to say who is good or bad?
When, all of us are good and bad.

Have you ever even told a lie?

Things do eat.
There is a cycle of life.
Things are born.
Then do die.

I forget.

I remember.
I remember what I relize.

Oh, the day. Oh, the day.
Oh, the day of none.
No day. No day.
Way day. Way day.

Shania K. Younce Biography

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Blige/ Be Without You, Meat Loaf/ It's All Coming Back To Me Now, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, Metro Station/ Shake It, Modern English/ I Melt With You, Natalie Imbruglia/ Torn, Lesley Gore/ It's My Party, You Don't Own Me, Neil Diamond/ Sweet Caroline, New Kids On The Block/ Cover Girl, Hangin' Tough, I'll Be Loving You, Please Don't Go Girl, Step By Step, Summertime, Tonight,2 In The Morning, You Got It (The Right Stuff) , Nickelback/ Burn It To The Ground, Far Away, How You Remind Me, If Today Was Your Last Day, Lips Of An Angel, Lullaby, Never Gonna Be Alone, Photograph, Norman Greenbaum/ Spirit In The Sky, Rockstar, Savin Me, She Keeps Me Up, Someday, This Afternoon, When We Stand Together, Nirvana/ Smells Like Teen Spirit, No Doubt/ Don't Speak, Norah Jones/ Chasing Pirates, Come Away With Me, Don't Know Why, Happy Pills, Stay With Me, Sunrise, Turn Me On, 'N Sync/ Bye Bye Bye, Girlfriend, (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You, Gone, I Drive Myself Crazy, I Want You Back, It's Gonna Be Me, Tearin' Up My Heart, This I Promise You, Oasis/ Wonderwall, One Republic/ All The Right Moves, Counting Stars, Feel Again, Good Life, I Lived, Love Runs Out, If I Lose Myself, Marchin On, Secrets, Something I Need, Stop And Stare, Owl City/ Fireflies, Passenger/ Let Her Go, Pat Benatar/ Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Prince/ Breakfast Can Wait, P! nk/ Blow Me (One Last Kiss) , Don't Let Me Get Me, Family Portrait, Funhouse, Glitter In The Air, Just Give A Reason, Please Don't Leave Me, Raise Your Glass, So What, Stupid Girls, True Love, Try, U + Ur Hand, Who Knew, Puff Daddy/ I'll Be Missing You, Queen/ Another One Bites The Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Don't Stop Me Now, Fat Bottomed Girls, I Want To Break Free, Killer Queen, News Of The World, One Vision, Somebody To Love, The Show Must Go On, Under Pressure, Who Wants To Live Forever, Red Hot Chili Peppers/ By The Way, Californication, Can't Stop, Give It Away, Otherside, Scar Tissue, Snow (Hey Oh) , Soul To Squeeze, Tell Me Baby, The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie, Rick Springfield/ Jessie's Girl, R Kelly/ Ignition, Rolling Stones/ Paint It Black, Satisfaction, Rupert Holmes/ Escape, Shaggy/ Angel, It Wasn't Me, Shania Twain/ Any Man Mine, From This Moment On, I'm Gonna Getcha Good! , Man! I Feel Like A Woman, That Don't Impress Me Much, When You Kiss Me, Your Still The One, Simon And Garfunkel/ Bridge Over Troubled Water, Mrs. Robinson, Simple Minds/ Don't You (Forget About Me) , Slim Shady/ My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady, Smash Mouth/ All Star, I'm a Believer, Spice Girls/ Spice Up Your Life,2 Become 1, Wannabe, Stevie Nicks/ Gypsy, Landslide, Taylor Swift/ Bad Blood, Enchanted, I Almost Do, I Knew You Were Trouble, Fifteen, Say You'll Be There, Shake It Off, Sparks Fly, Teardrops On My Guitar, The Story Of Us, You Belong With Me, The Beach Boys/ Barbara Ann, Darlin', Don't Worry Baby,409, Fun Fun Fun, God Only Knows, Good Vibrations, I Can Hear Music, In My Room, Kokomo, Little Deuce Coupe, Sloop John B (I Wanna Go Home) , Surfer Girl, Surfin' Safari, Surfin' USA, That's Why God Made The Radio, Wouldn't Be Nice, The Chordettes/ Born To Be With You, Lollipop, Lonely Lips (Very Good Quality) , Love Never Changes, Mr. Sandman, Never On Sunday, Pink Shoe Laces, They Say It's Wonderful, When Day Is Done, The Drikfters/ Fools Fall In Love, Medley, Oh Holy Night, Saturday Night At The Movies, Save The Last Dance For Me, Stand By Me, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Spanish Harlem, There Goes My Baby, This Magic Moment, Under The Boardwalk, Up On The Roof, White Christmas, The Fray/ Be Still, Break Your Plans, Heartbeat, Heartless, How To Save A Life, Look After You, Love Don't Lie, Never Say Never, Over My Head, Run For Your Life, Say When, You Found Me, The Foundations/ Build Me Up Buttercup, The Killers/ Mr. Brightside, The Offspring/ Gone Away, Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) , Self Esteem, The Kids Aren't Alright, You're Gonna Go Far Kid, The Platters/ I'm Sorry, My Prayer, Only You, Smoke Gets Your Eyes, Remember, The Great Pretender, Twilight Time, Unchained Melody, The Police/ Every Breath You Take, The Supremes/ Baby Love, Back In My Arms Again, Love Is Here And Now Your Gone, My World Is Empty Without You, Stop In The Name Of Love, Where Did Our Love Go, You Can't Hurry Love, The White Stripes/ Seven Nation Army, Thurston Harris/ Little Bitty Pretty One, Tom Petty/ Free Fallin',3 Doors Down/ Away From The Sun, Be Like That, Here Without You, If I Could Be Like That, It's Not My Time, Kryptonite, Landing In London (All I Think About Is You) , Let Me Be Myself, Let Me Go, Loser, When I'm Gone, When You're Young, U2/ Beautiful Day, Every Breaking Wave, Pride (In The Name Of Love) , Song For Someone, Sweetest Thing, Where The Streets Have No Name, With Or Without You, Train/ Drops Of Jupiter, Hey Soul Sister, Vance Joy/ Riptide, Vanilla Ice/ Ice Ice Baby, Warrant/ Cherry Pie, Weezer/ Beverly Hills, Whitesnake/ Here I Go Again, Whitney Houston/ All The Man That I Need, Greatest Love Of All, How Will I Know, I Have Nothing, I Look To You, I'm Every Woman, I'm Your Baby Tonight, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, I Will Always Love You, It's Not Right But It's Okay, Run To You, Star Spangled Banner, When You Believe, You Give Good Love, Woody 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Effie, Eeggal, Edi, Ejoetions, Eliana, Elizabith, Eliza, Ella, Ellen, Elma, Elna, Elsa, Em, Emily, Emotions, Emmy, Endearie, Enotions, Esme, Esperanza, Etoetions, Eva, Eve, Evia, Evy, February, Fonnda, Francis, Francy, Gail, Galadriel, Geilie, Genevieve, Goldberry, Graciel, Gracy, Gretta, Heather, Helenna, Helen, Hunhun, Ida, Ieliah, Ilsa, Ira, Ivy, Jan, Jane, Janny, January, Jasper, Jen, Judith, Juliette, July, June, Katniss, Katprim, Kimberly, Kura, Lace, Lain, Landro, Laoghair, Leecy, Leevy, Leown, Life, Linda, Lin, Liza, Londro, Lone, Lorsette, Love, Lovely, Lover, Lucil, Lucy, Lucinda, Lynn, Mabel, Mable, MacLeod, Madame, Madge, Mag, Maggie, Magnus, Maimmy, Maitradee, Mally, March, Maredeth, Mareth, Maria, Marisol, Marsali, Mary, Maryjoe, Mauria, Mary, Matilda, May, Meldrum, Mi-napretta, Mi-naprettus, Minerva, Mira, Mist, Mistera, Mistria, Misty, Missy, Moon, Moria, Morning, Motions, Murna, Mysteria, Natalia, Nataly, Natasha, Necie, Notions, November, October, Olive, Olivia, Olia, Pam, Pamla, Pimberly, Pina, Pinna, Poke, Pokia, Poki, Poky, Priam, Prim, Primkat, Preth, Pretta, Qay-on, Quindolin, Rain, Red, Ren, Rin, Rimma, Rory, Rosa, Rosalia, Rosaline, Rosalyn, Rosaly, Rosaphine, Rose, Roselind, Roselin, Rosely, Rosie, Rosy, Rouge, Sally, Sandra, September, Sessel, Sescil, Sesselly, Sescilly, Shine, Sidda, Siddalee, Sissy, Sophia, Sophie, Sophy, Sassenach, Star, Storm, Susan, Susy, Teensy, Tessa, Tes, Tessy, Tif, Thorin, Tracy, Trisha, Treesa, Trix, Trixxy, Twiya, Vell, Velma, Vellzies, Vivian, Viviane, Vivienne, Vivi, Welma, Welsa, Will, Willetta, Wilma, Wilsa, Winiferd,)

The Best Poem Of Shania K. Younce


Take a drink from a well. Find it cold. Drink it's splendor. Drink it's light. Make it bright. Tastes it's grip hold tihgt. It's sweet cool running sound. It's fish flounder. Ponder, ponder it's mind. Thoughts burn alive. It is quite here. It's tranquility fine. Remember water gentle and flowing. It's fresh calm forever kind.

Shania K. Younce Comments

sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Jerry Hughes 25 December 2013

Apart from your occasional vagaries you have the potential to be a very good writer. Cheers.........

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