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The daybreak comes so pure and still.
He said that I was pure as dawn,
That day we climbed to Signal Hill.
Back there before the war came on.
God keep me pure as he is brave,
And fit to take his name.
I let him go and fight to save
Some other girl from shame.

Across the gulch it glimmers white,
The little house we plotted for.
We would be sitting here tonight
If he had never gone to war—
The firelight and the cricket's cheep,
My arm around his neck—
I let him go and fight to keep
Some other home from wreck.

And every day I ride to town
The wide lands talk to me of him—
The slopes with pine trees marching down,
The spread-out prairies, blue and dim.
He loved it for the freedom's sake
Almost as he loved me.
I let him go and fight to make
Some other country free.

Saturday, August 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: veterans
Chinedu Dike 04 September 2015

Beautiful piece of poetry, well articulated, nicely encapsulated, and insightfully penned in poetic diction with good rhyme scheme. May God bless all freedom fighters in their battles for freedom and restoration of human dignity. Thanks for sharing and do remain blessed.

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Gajanan Mishra 29 August 2015

for freedom's sake - love, beautiful, go on..

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