Tyler Comstock

Our Bad - Poem by Tyler Comstock

This world is so full of
particles of brilliant light
That fill every nook and cranny, even
Where the germs do not dare occupy.

There is so much beauty in the world
So much awe for our eyes to behold
The surface is proper, in magnificent taste.
But, I feel it only right to admit,

Our polite smiles of tranquility
Only conceal a savage contest.
A lethal conflict of one’s desire
With someone else’s.

For we are born into reason,
Dictated by greed, and bound by fear.
Following the crumbling structure of,
Youth, excitement, and material objects.
It too decomposes.
Leaving us naked, rotten, ridiculous.

Wrinkled obscenities, haunted by our own mortality.
Our mind’s agenda, sprouted from a
Terribly wrong idea of fulfillment.
Ourselves, the ultimate product from the
Ejected sperm of self hanged man.

Fitting together in an interweaving shape
That moves and moves and gets no place.
We are living but have no head or tail
Only purses and wallets.

Our subsequent life is very little
Except the connection of memory and longing.
The sharp clarities of reality,
Intertwined with the haze of a dream.

And little clues left by god, or by gods, or both
Make us sing to the sky in anger,
And to the sky in calm.
Me, I am no different.
My vocal chords tire too, and
Eat the oxygen from my breath as I yell,
“Even the author cannot be forever”

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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