Our Country Will Not Die Poem by Hebert Logerie

Our Country Will Not Die

Rating: 5.0

The enemies of our country will die
But our country will survive
Our people silently have fought
Countless ferocious battles
Our people cannot be bought
Like dogs, cats or some sick cattles
Our people are going through a hellish plight
They remain strong and patient; they will fight
Until the end of time
Our people cannot be bought with a dime
God always protects them; God knows better
Our people will never die; they will live forever.

The dictators will pass on
But our people will live on
No man is here for life or eternal
But only our divine and eternal God
Life on earth can be infernal
Under the rules of a few who are mad
Criminal, vicious and mischievous
Our God is forever just, kind and generous
The enemies of our people will die
Bur our valiant people will survive
Our people will outlive
The henchmen and the bullies
Our suffering brothers and sisters will live
And will eventually destroy the bad memories
Our people will forgive, but will not forget
God will avenge his people, that's a sure bit
The dictators will die
And our country will not die.

Copyright© October 4,2014, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several poetry books.

Heather Wilkins 25 October 2014

True our country will not die there may be bad times but it willendure and come back stronger than ever nice writing

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