The Weeping Moon Poem by Hebert Logerie

The Weeping Moon

Rating: 4.5

Witnessing the blood baths, the massacre
Of God’s people, children’s bodies everywhere,
And octogenarians expire slowly and quietly in horror.
The undistorted and the vivid images of terror,
The ugly realities of life for millions; what a rancor!
The large plumes of gray phosphorus smoke! There is nowhere
To hide. Showers of shrapnel, unprecedented heavy shellings,
White clouds of death and discriminating lynchings
Of everything that breathes, walks, runs and flies;
This is war, this is sheer terrorism! The God-flies;
Where are they when they are needed?
Our world should not be so muted,
So insensitive toward so many.
This is a shameful disaster, a pity…
To do nothing and hope for the awakening of the gods;
The worms, the flies, the rats and the tods
Must be happy. What an inhumane feast!
In this young century, we cannot find Peace.
The photos are real, and dying is not a joke.
The lenses of the camera recorded the blood soaked
Pregnant women, their babies shredded
By the wrecked fires of the big guns.
No one is spared: fathers, mothers, sons,
And even young girls are arrested,
Humiliated, stepped on and eventually annihilated.
This is the state of our human family.
Centuries old victims are now the perpetrated
Beasts that devour nymphs, angels and dignity.
The moon can only helplessly weep,
The gods and the geese are high by the burning bodies.
Terrorism is your vocation; falling asleep,
Amid this, is criminal, we should unequivocally denounce the bullies.
Big gun shipped helicopters can only destroy; they don’t make Peace,
H bombs only create more activists, more militants and more beasts.

Adrian Wait 30 November 2009

The reality expressed here should be placed before the leaders of nations everyday - too often disengaged from the horrors of war! A forceful journey of truth without the spin and glory attached. Excellent write. Thank You.

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Uchenna Nnodum 19 October 2009

thank you for vividly expressing and critically critisizing the evils of the day. The evils of WAR.

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Roxy Gonro 12 October 2009

I love how you describe everything in this poem, it really makes you feel

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Beverley Warren 30 September 2009

Thanks for sharing your poem it is very powerful I enjoyed this.

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Joen Deviev 28 September 2009

i can imagine it... wow.. very precious... i like it.. keep writing ya.. :)

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Denis Mair 14 January 2020

For some people, television is a medium that lends itself to passivity and detachment, perhaps because their hearts are closed to begin with. The ubiquity of hellish media reports has not rendered you numb. Your strong moral voice needs to be heard.

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Castellenas John 24 March 2019

I agree with the logic of your words. I wonder if God is watching? Murdered children, hungry children and homeless people. Powerful words shared.

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Bipasha D 18 April 2018

You have well depicted the ghastly realities of war and terrorism. I liked your use of words that gives a vivid image. A powerful poem.

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Lea- Beima Dorestin 25 October 2017

Your diction is impeccable! ! You are surely inspiring me as I'm a young Haitian writer in the making💯💯😊😊 You're awesome! ! Keep writing

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Chinedu Dike 23 February 2017

The ugly state of world affairs - man inhumanity to man, is insightfully captured in the poem. Profound piece of poetry with clarion call for universal brotherhood of man. Lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing Hebert.

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