Peripheral Beauty Poem by Hebert Logerie

Peripheral Beauty

Rating: 4.6

The train was zooming by,
When I saw her like a veil in the sky…

She was strolling in the street;
She was immaculately neat.
It was like a dream;
I wanted to scream:
Oh! God, Oh! Beauty,
I just peripherally
Saw the most beautiful woman
On earth! She was way gorgeous than an omen,
And prettier than an April bouquet of flowers;
She smiled and laughed like no other creatures.

What a Joy! What a Beauty!
What a treat,
To have mnemonically photographed such a woman,
Who smiled like a Baby,
And who educed a warm dropp of rain
From my right eye,
Which caused my heart to beat
So profusely and to switch side,
And my spleen to quiver,
And my soul to beg and twitter.

Oh! God, this one had no flaws,
No scars, no thorns, and no claws;
No tattoos, no chains, and no rings.
Her hair was her wings;
She swam through the clouds like a proud swan,
Like a mermaid in the deep blue ocean.

Mangekyou Sharringan 21 September 2009

amazing poem. beautiful imagery. loved it

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Alexis Rolon 22 September 2009

i really enjoyed reading this poem i look forward on reading more!

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Himaya Marinas 22 September 2009

im very much sure you were in the moderm trends.....oh well the poem not bad though.....anyways when a man attracted to a woman everything he will comes out to his mouth all sweetness and remarkable words..which is absulate shows to your poet...keep writing....

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The Lost.. 23 September 2009

your poem is very nice i liked it.... thanks for your invitation and keep writing.. :)

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Nicole Gehrman 23 September 2009

this is really good i like ur work thanx for the invitation

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Chinedu Dike 13 April 2015

A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOR EVER - John Keats. I like your style of written, you captured the beauty of your subject very well. A lovely romantic poem subtly penned. Thanks for sharing and remain blessed.

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‘Peripheral became Central …poetically culminated into Eternal’...envy your 'Lady Luck' Sir lolol Excellent diction Sir Voted 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK PS Cordially invite to my page and grace by yopur comments if you please…Sir n

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Kari Alexander 10 February 2010

words as beautiful as the inspiration must have been, wonderful piece!

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Alandra Moreira 11 October 2009

wow... breathtaking she was a beautiful lady.

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Emu Getachew 30 September 2009

Peripheral Beauty...If you can capture this much beauty with your peripheral vision i just simply wonder if beauty is really a language of vision.I loved your words arrangement with each line.10++++

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