Our First Meet... Poem by Ankesh Eshanki

Our First Meet...

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I still remember, awaiting to meet you.
The very thought of it, drives me blue.
Seeking my way, longing for love.
I thanked God, with a look above.

The night was long, the wait was worth.
Sleepless nights, I am excited on this Earth.
To see the one whom, I adore a lot.
The view of her was perfect with no blind spot.

I woke up early with little or no sleep.
To meet my love and lose in her deep.
Longing to meet with a tingling sensation.
Pacing heart with shivering body palpation.

I started when the moon passed by,
Feeling so shy staring the deep black sky.
Lonely roads and no passer-by,
To see my girl, I want to be her guy.

Speeding through the golden dawn,
Smiling with the thoughts of my swan,
I sensed I was close to her,
The quicker the better I need to concur.

Turned my car and swooned through your lanes,
First view of her on my heart will remain,
Numb was my body and my brain,
OMG, Why I am yearning, please explain.

Stopped my car and stepped out of it,
You looked so perfect and the attire was fit.
Your face was bright and the smile was a breath-taking sight.
It made me suffice and I was in cloud nine.

You held my hand, pulled me in,
Touch of your fingers and the tingling sense of your skin,
Trotting my legs I moved inside,
Like a groom following his bride.

Sitting on your bed, not looking eye to eye,
Oh God when I remember I was so shy,
Wish I could send all the twinkling stars,
Or hundreds and thousands of lightening firefly.

When we had the eye contact, I knew you are the one,
The most beautiful and unique among the ton.
I could not help gaping, when you smiled,
For my heart did not stop beating wild.
Your expressive eyes and flawless skin,
I knew worth dying to win.
As I got to know your attitudes better,
I fell more in love even with your sweet chatter.

And baby when you admitted your feelings for mw,
I drowned in happiness, knowing we are meant to be.

The time was right and clock has struck,
To take you on a ride, hoping me your good luck.
Like a queen you sat behind,
I am your king, let's ride and unwind.

Hoping you had a wonderful commute,
I wished I could see your face cute,
In my mirror, cherishing the silent mute,
Your eyes were doe, more acute than the route.

Dropped at the rendezvous point,
You entered with your leg walker and injured ankle joint,
My eyes were fixed on you pinpoint,
I wished; I held you in my arms on your hip joint.

The longingness to see us amid the test,
I am sure God has planned for me the best,
Though it may be difficult but it's my quest,
To see and love my dear, God it's a sincere request.

Six hours and each hour was like ages,
Never ever the wait was difficult, it felt like cages,
Dear set me free and love me like anything,
The eye connection was like a fairy's zing.

We started off towards your home,
Felt relief when I saw you on my car foam,
Lucious lips with chocolate gulp,
Sugar coke and sweet pulp.

Half sleepy eyes and tired look,
I want to see more of it, it keeps me hook.
When eyes met and you were smirking,
Surreal moments captured with car jerking.

The ride was heaven with you looking at me,
We knew off course we are meant to be,
The time flew like seconds tick,
We reached your nest in a moments flick.

The dusky charm took its toll,
I have already given my heart and soul,
To this pretty girl with the maroon roll.
I would always want you beside like my forever goal.

You looked so stunning with the perfect body,
It always stimulates like a dreamy toddy,
We started off to your dear place,
I wanted to proceed with slow pace,
But I couldn't turn to see your beautiful face.

Eyes met and conversations exchanged,
For you my love a beautiful gift I have arranged,
I don't have money but only love,
God's perfect plan with blessings from above.

We reached mother Goddess with vibes so pure,
I was thinking about you and that's for sure,
You held my hand like you were mine already,
I felt your warmth with feelings so steady,
I wished the moment had paused forever,
Such wishful moment I would lose never,
To make her mine, I prayed and said mother Goddess that I am ready.

You are my last wish, I still state,
Hold me always close, since I can't wait,
Taking with me the blessings of mother,
I am ready spend my life forever
With my love howsoever.

The night was dark with the ride so smooth,
The touch of yours was healing and soothe,
Touch me forever the way you clasped my hand,
Every wish of yours will be fulfilled like a command,
I want us happy and content with each other,
It's the want and need of her,
For me you would be enough,
Butterscotch and chocolate with cream puff,
The kiss and touch of your lips was like marshmallow fluff.
I could feel your love and unsaid words,
Makes me weak from my knees, I am not that tough.

With you the time flies in a flick,
I kissed your forehead with a soft press lick,
I wished the road never ends,
I want to love you more which I intend.
Deep looks and intoxicating expressions,
Kills me every time, I feel your sensations.
You wanted to say I love you but,
Your nest was near and you couldn't express your gut.
I understood each and every unexpressed word,
It's a feeling of flying butterflies and birds.

Sumptuous meal and tasty food,
I fed you and you fed me,
It's the gesture with full of love imbued,
Love me and care for me always,
Let's keep the passion and affection ablaze.

Looking deep in your eyes, I kissed you,
My lips waited to feel yours, a feeling new,
A joy I never knew,
Though guilty first, I felt the connection so strong and true,
You hugged me like a wrapped cocoon,
I thank God for such a lovely boon,
Like a soothing music in a background tune,
Heavenly kiss and surreal hug,
Raised my temperature like a spark plug.

I felt like an endless wave,
And I am your waiting sand,
And I will wait forever as you come and clasp my hand.
I'll wait forever, yet
You are part of me,
I hold you in my arms while you come to me endlessly.

Stayed overnight, longing more of you,
Stressing the fact, how I'll spend the night through,
Missed your touch and missed your smooch,
Lost in thoughts of your, intending to pooch.

Next day when we set out for positives,
My vibrations in my body are electropositive,
Got more time as we both needed quality,
To make you smile and happy, I indulge in frivolity.

The vibes were pure and true to oneself,
Again, the warmth of your touch, explores true yourself,
I fell in love with you again,
Rushing blood and protruded body vein,
To be with you forever I can take any pain.

The surroundings in peace and our minds in serene,
I don't care what the world thinks, you are my queen,
I have read your eyes and I have seen,
I asked you as my last wish and I did really mean.

We clicked few snaps and we did really pose together,
Our heart was content and its light as feather,
We look so good and complement each other,
God's blessing on us, we will be in pleasure forever and ever.

To hold you close I think each day,
Keeping your sadness and unhappiness at bay,
I'll love you each day whether its June or May,
To make you happy, whatever price I'll pay.
I'll tread happily that path,
Endure whoever's wrath,
We'll reach the pinnacle,
Together being uncritical.

When we returned, on our way to lunch,
I hoped I had something for you to munch,
We had our differences, moments lost,
When you expressed the golden words, my life got tossed,
Then and there I did vow to make you my most.
Through difficulties, whatever it takes at any cost.

Moments are special, we had our share of meal,
Let's keep it raw and let's keep it real,
I kept praying to all and I still appeal,
Give me some more time with my love, so I can heal.

The time came for part, but I don't want to depart,
It went so quick and I hope it would restart.
Both heart and brain were friends at least for this piece of impart,
Controlled myself with a line,
If I don't part now, how we'll have a fresh start.

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