Ankesh Eshanki Poems

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A Soft Sweet Kiss...

As I sadly stare
Into the midnight sun
I think of our love
And the day it begun

Our First Meet...

I still remember, awaiting to meet you.
The very thought of it, drives me blue.
Seeking my way, longing for love.
I thanked God, with a look above.

She Is My World

She is a mystery,
A riddle to be solved,
A river that flows with grace,
A story waiting to be told.

Love Is Acquired...

Like a rising sun u came into my life,
Trotting your way forward cutting through strife,
With vigor and glare as strong as flare,
Make me yours, it's a sincere prayer.

My Secret Window

Gracious, calm, and a figure so perfect,
Struck the note to a high offbeat,
Taking to the level from a high altitude,
Hazing my loneliness and a deep solitude.

Let's Embark Into A New World! ! !

Every day is new, and I love you so more,
Like the ebbs kiss the beautiful shore,
You will be my forever what I adore,
You are my joy, my treasure, my heart,

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