Our Story Poem by Black Consciousness Poetry BCP

Our Story

Our story must be told
That you and I are conquered souls
Our bodies might be young but our thoughts are so old
We are still slaves like those who were bought & sold

Our story must be told
You and I are one people I am told
Divided and conquered souls
Kept apart by artificial walls
Invisible mental chains
Suffering from socially inflicted black pains
Our master is still on a capitalist gain
Nothing has really changed
We are still in chains, invisible mental chains

Our story must be told
We are the cheap labour exploited by all rich folks
We are the horses, donkeys and asses of this earth
Blacks, we never got a chance to catch our breath
Yet everyone had their chance to ride on our backs
Smiling all the way to the banks
The Arabs, the asians, Caucasians
They all had a chance to tame us
They all took a turn to enslave us
From slavery to colonization, segregation to democracy.
From yesterday till today

Our story must be told
The story of mis-education
The story of Graduating from school to go work in the plantation
The story that begins with slave labour with no compensation
To the story of cheap labour with a masters degree qualification
This story of being Mis-Educated well enough to serve our master
Is a story that led us to white domination & disaster
Taught us how to defend the system that subjugate us
Taught us how to be compatible and happy with our conquered state of being

This story must still be told
The story of ghetto existence never gets old
The story of shack yard dwelling is never ending
The story of dump side living is dehumanizing
The story of being on our own
No one else on our side
The story of Genocide
The story of self-rejection
The story of humiliation
The story of human rights violation
The story of freedom fighting
While being scared of revolution


Our Story
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