Janice Walkden

Our Tinkerbell - Poem by Janice Walkden

What lies behind those emerald eyes
As I watch her play or hear her cries
being here - the comfort she brings
with her playful games and silly things
a piece of string can be so much more
as she chases it around the floor
she gets into places - such a curious pet
plays havoc with the internet!
and when she wants to take a rest
the best place (of course) is on my husbands chest
once she disappeared - no sight nor sound
where could she be? We looked around
Did she escape when we opened the door?
or was she sleeping upstairs - on a bed or a floor?
shouting her name - we were going through hell
where could she be - our Tinkerbell?
she really had us in a worry
My husband went out in a right old flurry
trying to find her - outside in the streets
asking passers by - everyone he meets
she is only a kitten- never been out before
What if she’s lost for good - because of an open door.
Suddenly there was a bang and a crash
something had fallen upstairs - I was up in a flash
But there she was still half asleep
as round the door she makes a peep
In the house all along - she was safe and well
been cat napping upstairs - our Tinkerbell!

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 15, 2006

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