Our Unapologetic Insurrectionist And Felon Poem by Paul Amrod

Our Unapologetic Insurrectionist And Felon

The normalization of this candidate has embarrassingly begun
notwithstanding the Republican Party looks into a bottomless abys.
Trying every trick in the books to save his inevitable incarceration
their fabrications keep appearing as a pitiful stanza is woefully sung.
Our entire nation is trembling before the up and coming paralysis
while the Supreme Court deliberates whether he should be immune
from his treacherous actions as the dunce waits for his coronation.
The rising of the morning star has been eclipsed by his evil platoon
who are political hostages waiting for his reelection or the antithesis.
The attitude is characteristic for lawmakers giving him congratulations
for usurping their collective with election denial and his silver spoon.
The masses should awake to the facts at hand as a renewed genesis
has happened giving the middle class priority instead of rich tycoons.
The harmlessness of our disgruntled spoil sport is an underestimation
of this heathen beast who drives judges mad with his boundless arrogance.
Egoistically egocentric blurting poppycock like a lunatic he has vilely strewn
his unlawful opinion with a thrust so intolerably ignorant and inopportune.
Still he survives through his self-destruction with a stoic incompetence
slurring his words and sleeping his court awaiting his sentencing unstylish
and reprehensive showing his victimhood with complete degradation.
Complaining about the state of union knowing little about choice nor guidance
whining in his sandbox for a lollipop, he has departed sadly to the next saloon
waiting for Festus to give him advice as he marches boldly to his next graduation.
Receiving a political diploma for being once in the Oval Office his subsidence
meant a miserable revolution. He comforted his foot soldiers with a sweet tune
saying they were loved and go to beddie-by after much reliance and dependence.
His colleagues damned his stomping of the Capitol yet the very same buffoons
came to greet him with handshakes and applause with no remorse and no maxim
to clarify their atrocious behaviour as they thought their Party would survive.
Nonetheless my friends he is to this day the ringleader of this forsaken legion
who have watched a jury accuse him of 34 Felony counts.187 minutes of inaction
hasn't been answered authorizing his apprehension. The authorities will deprive
his freedom and God knows with his insults his kingdom will be a lost imperium.
Coveting secret documents and holding parties at Mar-a-Lago is no attraction
except for dangerous strangers who will testify eventually about his delirium.
Perhaps house arrest or probation will be his fate however the definite retraction
of his image has taken place with no indicator or promise of total oblivion
outside of a mugshot in the annals of history for you only swindled and connived.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: hypocrisy,politics
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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