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He received his musical education at the world-renowned Juilliard School. In 1979 after a seven year tour, either as a soloist or with his Trio or Quartet through the east coast and the New Yorker Jazz scene and as the opening band for such acts as Janis Joplin, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and the NRBQ, he returned to Juilliard and closed out with a Masters Degree, majoring in Composition. In New York he was involved in writing arrangements for A&M Records and was a Studio pianist for Columbia Records. In his earlier days he sang in choirs under the direction of Leonard Bernstein.

At the age of nine he began making music with his brother Willy. He started writing his own songs at eleven and at the age of fifteen he began the Brand XXX Band with Willy together. In 1967 they made their first demo at the local radio station in Rockland County and therewith interested Seymour Stein and Sire Records to sign the band to their first record contract. As they were recording their first record they were offered to be the opening act for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Janis Joplin shortly before her New York Concert when she left the Big Brother and the Holding Company and presented her Kosmic Blues Band.

Two months before the Woodstock festival Paul was admitted into the Juilliard where he enrolled as a composition major. During his first two years he worked intensively with Roger Session learning five-voice Renaissance counterpoint. This brought an entirely new dimension to Paul’s earlier compositions. In his first year he composed and recorded his second record “Live on the Playground” for his psychedelic rock band “Amrod’s Brand”. It was released in 1971 and is still sought after as a rare collector’s item. It was produced from Phil Margo of the Tokens for B.T. Puppy records. In 1969 both Willy and Paul began performing as the opening act for NRBQ and even Willy with the Willy Amrod Band just recently opened with Terry Adam’s new NRBQ in Woodstock on the 2nd of April 2011.

Willy and Paul played with the guitarist from the NRBQ, Steve Ferguson during the 1970ties and Willy further through the 1980ties and ‘90ties. The NRBQ’s second record from 1970 featured Carl Perkins and was called “Boppin’ the Blues” with many mind-blowing solos from Steve. There is a video in YouTube with Willy and Steve rocking Steve’s “Outer Space Boogie”. Carl Perkins was held very highly from the Beatles who covered many of his songs. From “Something New” his song “Matchbox” is found. From the “Beatle 65” they covered the titles “Honey Don’t” and “Everybody’s Tryin’ to be my Baby”. Carl Perkins, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Eric Clapton gave a series of Rockabilly concerts together in the 1980ties. The bassist from the NRBQ Joey Spampinato was also invited by Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones to form the band behind Chuck Berry, whom the Beatles as well covered, at Mister Berry’s 70th Birthday bash. One day in the fall of 1970 Paul took Terry Adam’s personally to meet Hall Overton at the Juilliard and both had an engaging conversation over the voicings of Thelonious Monk.

During his third year at Juilliard Paul changed over to Hall Overton who was as well the arranger for Thelonious Monk’s Big Band. With Hall he studied in depth motific development, modern harmony and orchestration. In this year Paul formed his first Rock-Jazz-Fusion group with Willy and the drummer Gary Burke. Gary Burke is the producer and drummer for both of his brother Willy’s CDs “Children of the Earth” and “Bus-Drivin’ Man”. Symphony #1 from Joe Jackson was performed with Gary Burke on drums, Joe Jackson on Piano, Steve Vai on guitar and trumpeter Terrence Blanchard and trombonist Robin Eubanks in 1999. Paul and Willy Amrod performed with Gary at the Juilliard and the School of the Performing Arts Paul’s composition “Concertino for Rock-Jazz Band” in the spring of 1972.

Hall Overton Ruth Underwood and her husband Ian Underwood who worked intensively with Frank Zappa were in attendance at the Juilliard concert. During his fourth year, after the death of Hall Overton, he studied further with George Russell, the creator of the “Lydian Chromatic Concept” and Gil Evans the longtime arranger for Miles Davis. Paul commenced working on his own theory called “Symmetry as the Fundament of Sound Creation” in 1973 and presented the inception for his Baccalaureate degree. For seven years after his Bachelor’s, along with touring, he worked in the Loft scene in Soho and played in Harlem and the Village performing a form of compositional jazz. During this time he played occasionally with Ron Carter, Sonny Rollins, Bob Berg, Dave Sanborn, Corky Laing and the Brecker Brothers. In 1979 he returned to Juilliard with a piece for Chamber Orchestra and Soprano and Baritone called “Qabalic Mysterium” which was performed from the Juilliard Orchestra. Paul received the National Endowment of the Arts award for Jazz Composition with a recommendation from his longstanding mentor Gil Evans.

Shortly thereafter Paul decided to situate in Europe. He performed as “Fats Waller” in a show called “Lenox Avenue” in Berlin and Vienna from 1982 till 1983 receiving wonderful critiques and decided to stay. He began thereafter to write an autobiographical piece about his eclectic musicianship playing classical works jazz works and the fusion of jazz, rock and classical developing the name “Jarockla” to describe it. It was recorded in the Theater am Turm in Frankfurt in 1984. During his time in Europe Willy organized other groups and played with various important personalities and brought his brother home to play the piano and organ on various projects. During the 1980ties Willy became close to Rick Danko the bassist from the Woodstock based outfit “The Band”. Rick and Willy played quite often together. Rick Danko was the first bassist who was chosen in 1988 to build the Ringo Starr All Star Band.

With the onset of the 1990ties Paul flew often to New York to record and perform with Gary Burke and the James Brown Brass including Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley. In YouTube there is video posted with Paul Amrod and the JB Horns playing “Chicken” from Pee Wee Ellis who wrote “Cold Sweat” and “I’m Black and I’m Proud” with James Brown himself. Fred Wesley the trombonist wrote the hit “Hot Pants” as well. Pee Wee also played and arranged for the icon Van Morrison. Pee Wee wrote the arrangements for Willy’s “Children of the Earth”.

Also Fred wrote an arrangement for “Parallel Universe”. Paul is featured on the keys. Maceo Parker is also featured on Alto Sax. There is also a track of “Make it Alright” featuring the entire original NRBQ, outside the drummer Tom Staley, which is a twist on the hit from their 3rd Album “Scraps” released on Kama Sutra records “Ain’t It Alright” featuring Steve Ferguson and Frankie Gadler on vocals. The NRBQ premiered the “Scraps” Kama Sutra record at the New York Beacon Theater opening for Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi Fusion ensemble. Willy is featured as the lyricist and singer of “Everywhere is Out of Town” from Fred’s New CD “With a Little Help from my Friends” and was with Fred last fall on his European Tour. The second CD of Willy “Bus-Drivin’ Man” has Paul on piano and Hammond B3 and is arranged from Fred Wesley and will be released this year. In the year 2000 Paul was asked from Mister Wesley to write an orchestral variation of his “Peace Fugue”.

Paul’s theory “Symmetry as the Fundament of Sound Creation” will be published as well later this year. Paul has written up till now 39 Symphonies and 70 Piano Sonatas and various third stream works, chamber works, choral works and 18 concertos for piano and for many other solo instruments. The Piano Sonatas are all recorded and many concerts will be coming on DVD at his website.

Paul Amrod Quotes

01 October 2015

For a moment thinking of nothing is highly healthy. However thinking for yourself is a prerequisite of sanity.

26 November 2015

Hapless ventures will proceed into futility Courageous adventures succeed with humility

02 February 2016

Each of us should scream with joy that we were given the gift of life. Why then do we toil and fret with worries and wicked strife?

18 August 2017

The ingenious can never approve of cynicism. One must always leave the door open for exceptionalism.

18 August 2017

Two dangers are looming. The damnation of our cherished environment through climate change or the futility of a brainless nuclear war.

18 August 2017

Scratch your head and twiddle your thumbs nevertheless love your neighbor with a complement on your tongue.

18 August 2017

Hideous attitudes will devour your good nature. Smiling through a day will only bring rapture.

18 August 2017

Hidden in our inner self is the key of perfection. Like the wonders of our solar system's golden section and our lover's tender affection.

18 August 2017

Simplicity is concrete as complication brings retreat. Reflecting on a sensitive mode frees our passions, well bestowed.

19 August 2017

God blessed us with resiliency. Hence we can combat mediocrity while abolishing hypocrisy.

27 September 2017

In the heat of the moment we needn't fret as our guardian angel our fate begets.

02 October 2017

Like a slovenly aardvark sniffing through the desert searching for some prey without any effort.

23 November 2017

Insisting on justice will never approach the higher ups with a sense of equanimity. Hence our example is the result of concrete actions of truly viable authenticity.

23 November 2017

Releasing a spontaneous elation will elevate enthusiasm as the sense of the positive becomes contagious.

07 March 2018

Why should anyone have fear. One must simply opens one's ear! 

05 April 2018

The incredibly obvious perpetration of unrealistic brainwash techniques have left humanity in a shambles. We will rise above this ignoring these absurdities and steal the truth as this degeneration we'll unscramble.

05 April 2018

A broken dream can lead to frustration. Nonetheless the belief in the future is the true realization.

05 April 2018

Stubbornness is not a true attribute. It is behind pride and is uncompromisingly resolute.

02 July 2018

Are asking me to believe? I think I will decide this for myself!

02 July 2018

The absurdity of normalcy is as unimaginative as the status quo itself.

02 July 2018

A view into a star-studded sky is more worth than the usage of a million dollars.

06 September 2018

Idiocy is being only an instrument instead of making your own personal universe. This is the gift we have been given at birth to reach forward.

16 September 2018

Innovative projection is a contagious entity denying thoughtlessness as a prerequisite.

20 September 2018

Military intervention solely for profit? This gaudy shamelessness reeks of defilement. Disrespect for life and happiness from a despot deserves revilement.

06 December 2018

The obvious aspiration for eternal war is a fascistic tactic known for the fruition of the weapon's industry. Can we put a stop to this misuse of human dignity resulting in a remorseful contrition?

11 December 2018

My most coveted wish is the usurping of world power in the hands of benevolently generous extraterrestrials; reminding humanity of preferences of a higher quality reflecting our evidently essential potentials.

06 February 2019

The procedure of life in the 21st century brings the hyena to laugh. Nonetheless the metaphysical sage is whining in love's behalf.

08 April 2019

Mustering the will to exercise your self-confidence is the key to a charmingly charismatic countenance.

08 April 2019

A wondrous gift is selflessness and boundless charity. Believing in the rewards of forgiveness forbids asperity.

08 April 2019

Sacrificing the limelight for the profundity of creation will give immortality as one's soul thrives with liberation.

08 April 2019

The burgeoning of a celestial garden is within the third eye Express love to the heart of the lotus and softly mystify.

08 April 2019

The plundering of the chances of the salt of the Earth will never bring true happiness or a resplendent mirth.

08 April 2019

Our Earth is a Paradise brought forth through the Milky Way We must join this wonderful order and be devoid of disarray.

08 April 2019

Authority has failed to discipline itself with character. Hence making your own decision must be something to factor.

09 April 2019

Suddenly the rare premiere does awaken the sleeping giant. Hence an inspiration blooms with an expression so vibrant!

09 April 2019

Through jealousy an irrational negativity is then born. Take a deeper breath and know under God you are adored.

22 April 2019

The audacity of concealment is a secret society. Their defilement of decency furthers our sobriety.

25 April 2019

War for profit means the fabrication of an enemy. Actually an innocent thinker of another subjective. We must develop a true pluralism with an alternative and accept the proposition of an another identity.

29 April 2019

The fatality of an intolerably fallible deception wreaks to the heavens summoning God for its correction.

29 April 2019

The ignorance of avoidance is a total irresponsibility warranting outrage and outbursts for a token clarity. Summoning transparency is within our viable ability. We must persevere accepting no alternative to charity.

23 May 2019

The industrialists have distorted the jet stream Ruining the angels of Earth most precious dream What is actually behind their diabolical scheme Let please the moon shine and the golden Sun beam

23 May 2019

The vengeance of the children will raise our hopes for their proclamations bring truth which surely shatters the shadow boxer with his whimsical rope a dopes. Their knock out punch will come. This is all that matters.

03 July 2019

The absurdity of the whitewashed clean men will rediscover the banality of a screaming hen trying to lay its eggs in the face of false pretenses. Maybe Tom Sawyer will then finish painting his fences.

03 July 2019

The outcry of the youth trained from Greta Thunberg is expanding beyond the hypocrites of empty words. Perhaps the illegality of a meaningless futility will enlighten the youth with an ample joviality.

30 January 2020

Obstruction of justice means you are concealing evidence with principles of extortion.

30 January 2020

Blindsided prejudice is an onslaught against rhyme and reason demanding blind faith and impartial obedience.

30 January 2020

Submission to addiction is the path of a devilish self-destruction. Learning to love oneself is the escape from this grip on one's conscious.

01 July 2021

The avoidance of veracity brings for sure a miserable calamity

01 July 2021

The insistence of selfish wishes is the definition of narcissism.

01 July 2021

Glancing at passing clouds is the essence of timelessness.

The Best Poem Of Paul Amrod

It's The Poetry Of Life

It’s the poetry of life painting like the frost
on the tip of autumn’s breeze.
It’s the poetry of life found and never lost
Feeling comfortably at ease
Like a lazy summer’s day
Like two children lost in play
Like the story never told
from the yarn of times of old.
It’s the poetry of life bringing everything in view
Changing older thoughts to new
Warming winter’s bitter cold
As a storm comes raging through
to cleanse the atmospheric blues.
Improvising an esoteric line
to unleash the mysterious and sublime.
To guide our pathways as we cross
the miraculous haunting hues.
Sweet Apollo sends his muse
flowing with an inspiration
that springs me at of bed
and I stand awake in wonder.
It’s the poetry of life with an invitation
of what could lie ahead
as we never go asunder.
It’s the poetry of life
Singing like a choir on Christmas day
It’s the poetry of life burning like a fire
as mild as Mother Earth’s red clay.
Like finding the lost chord
to harmonize our love’s desire
and to accentuate our interplay.
As spontaneous as a new rebirth
we sense the reaction prior
to our fantasies of yesterday.
Amidst the middle of the strife
comes a spoon without the knife.
With the riddle of the pipe
is a dream that’s nearly ripe.
Bringing mysteries to light
as the fiddler grabs his rosin
heating up our night.
It’s the loss of misery
though a trick of witchery
that leaves us ignoring caution.
Then the breakers rush to shore
The ebbing tide is now in sight
Enunciating our liberty
is the fairy we adore.
Beckoning the holy hosts
we certainly will implore
the coincidental synchronicity
of this poetry of life.
With a magical stroke of sensitivity
our inner optimism will ignite.
The quest of serendipity
will lead us to the coast
where the lonelier have settled
to keep their hopes alive.
They received a spirit’s vessel
which was tumbled and tossed afloat.
As the spring begins to blossom
we wipe the water from our eyes.
The awakening of the fertile flowers
asserts our dreamful hours.
As a peacock spreads its wings to revive
the coloristic panorama, quite awesome
as the prism’s spectrum will imminently surprise.
Like a pageant on display
depicting a series of streaming rays
illuminating a crystal boat
which embarks through a morning’s haze.
It’s the poetry of life that recites such golden verses
giving us faith and hope with directions
pointing in every which way among us
to see what perfection suddenly comes to surface.
It’s the poetry of life painting like the frost
on the tip of autumn’s breeze.
It’s the poetry of life found and never lost
amongst the people with a mission of eternal peace.

Paul Amrod Comments

Sochukwu Ivye 03 October 2017

Friendly and warm, with analytical eyes. A breeze to get along with: I'll never cease to think about. Your drive is inspiring, Sir. Much thanks for being you. More strength.

5 0 Reply
Ellias Anderson Jr. 01 November 2017

Paul Amrod in few words, who gave me a new vision of life, literature and arts it was a great pleasure to meet you, my professor :) all love and peace Captain A

3 0 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 31 March 2020

Paul Amrod is an excellent personality and lovable poet of international fame. He is very much fond of music. His poetry carry musical and philosophical essence. He turns towards God and trusts him. I have read his many poems and reviewed and I am very much pleased reading his high quality works. His literary perseverance has opened up a new destination. I am wishing him all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for him and his family!

1 0 Reply
Paul Amrod 22 April 2022

Hi Kumarmani, I have had a problem with Poem Hunter over the last months. Although my students who have the same IP as I do they are not being recognized for reading my poetry. I have written many letters to Poem Hunter and they never answer.

0 0 Reply
Paul Amrod 07 October 2021

Hi Kumarmani, Thank you for recognizing my mission in life. I am thrilled by your kind and heartfelt words.

0 0 Reply
Paul Amrod 22 November 2018

Thank you so dearly Didier. Dein Paul

1 0 Reply
Paul Amrod 22 November 2018

Hi Anzelyne, Your writing pleases my ears and soul as well. It is for me the same pleasure to read your insightful poems.

2 0 Reply
Anzelyne Shideshe 22 November 2018

Paul is a great poet words can’t describe him better It’s a pleasure to interact with you here at PH.

1 0 Reply
Paul Amrod 22 April 2022

Hi Anzelyne, Did you call me and send a picture? Many greetings, Paul

0 0 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Paul Amrod born on May 17th,1951 in Chateaugay, New York as, Melodic Euphoria. This title of honour is offered to him due to his perseverance in music, art and literature. From today onward he will be known as Melodic Euphoria Paul Amrod. We hope all poets, people and visitors will like this.

2 0 Reply

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Paul Amrod Popularity

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