Paul Amrod

Gold Star - 11,863 Points (May 17th,1951 / Chateaugay, New York)

Paul Amrod Poems

1. The Outskirts Of Wilderness 6/10/2015
2. In The Instance Of Infamy 6/10/2015
3. Sympathy For The Underdog 6/10/2015
4. Delicate Band Of Blue 6/11/2015
5. A Troubadour's Ballade To Lady Di 6/11/2015
6. Intertwining Spiritualism 6/11/2015
7. On The Course Of Self-Discovery 6/11/2015
8. In The Midst Of January's Wonders 6/11/2015
9. With The Coming Of Winter 6/11/2015
10. The Last Procession Of Dignity 6/9/2015
11. Memorandum Of Days Past 6/9/2015
12. Last Breath 6/9/2015
13. The Courage Of Vitality 6/9/2015
14. The Preciousness Of The Instant 6/10/2015
15. Cosmic Equillibrium 6/11/2015
16. A Salty Dog's Emphatic Dream 6/11/2015
17. The New World Order 6/11/2015
18. An Ascension Of Righteousness 6/12/2015
19. The Journey Through To Paradise 6/12/2015
20. Peeping Tom And His Autocratic Complicit Jungle 6/12/2015
21. Prayer To The Universe 6/12/2015
22. The Gray Imperium 6/13/2015
23. Beseeching Translucency 6/13/2015
24. Praise To Nature 6/13/2015
25. I'm A Beggar And A Thief 6/13/2015
26. Realization Of Paradise 6/13/2015
27. Under Accusation 6/13/2015
28. The Unfurling Wings Of The Phoenix 6/13/2015
29. Inevitable Retribution 6/13/2015
30. Theory Of Inoculation 6/13/2015
31. I'm Gonna Hold The Line 6/13/2015
32. The Cherry Man 6/13/2015
33. Circus Maximus 6/14/2015
34. Illustrious Proclamations 6/14/2015
35. The Rediscovery Of Our Enlightened Virtues 6/14/2015
36. The Exchange Of Virtues And Culture 6/14/2015
37. Allusions Of A Perfect Bouquet 6/14/2015
38. Beckoning Of The Hallowed 6/14/2015
39. Antiphonal Advocations 6/14/2015
40. Sad But Dry 6/15/2015
Best Poem of Paul Amrod

It's The Poetry Of Life

It’s the poetry of life painting like the frost
on the tip of autumn’s breeze.
It’s the poetry of life found and never lost
Feeling comfortably at ease
Like a lazy summer’s day
Like two children lost in play
Like the story never told
from the yarn of times of old.
It’s the poetry of life bringing everything in view
Changing older thoughts to new
Warming winter’s bitter cold
As a storm comes raging through
to cleanse the atmospheric blues.
Improvising an esoteric line
to unleash the mysterious and sublime.
To guide our pathways as we cross
the ...

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A Hymn Of Self-Esteem

Indigenous choruses in the realms of seraphim
have impelled our genesis
to flourish in multitudes encircling the sacrosanct
as they petition their wishes.
The tedious necromancy raises a cloak
to ensorcell the faithful and naive
cuddling their gullibility as their chastity
enlightens the environment with eloquence
while radiating beams illuminate

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