Paul Amrod Poems

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It's The Poetry Of Life

It’s the poetry of life painting like the frost
on the tip of autumn’s breeze.
It’s the poetry of life found and never lost
Feeling comfortably at ease

Blue Autumn Angel

Blue Autumn Angel please don’t despair
Waking to clouds brings me down to sweet airs
Blue Autumn Angel please ease your sighing
Sleeping to moons brings me Venus in pairs

Take It Or Leave It

Standing here a victim of a slanderous tongue
Pleading my innocence with a song left unsung
Easing my troubles with liquor and cigarettes
Trying to imagine what happened inside the silhouettes

We Are Victims Of The Evil Politic

We are all victims of the evil politic
The power is in the hands of a band of lunatics
The articulated dissent is a form of conspiracy
Although the logic is obvious, we live in tyranny

Saint Valentine's Day

Heaven sent us a real fine day
We call Saint Valentine’s Day
Our heart’s throbbing play
to raise our passions

At The Cosmic Saloon

At the cosmic saloon
I drank moonshine till daybreak
I arrived here in pantaloons
with my big and blustery balloon.

Building A Fortress In The Sand

The onset of fooling yourself in being overly important
is a source of irrationality instead of insolence.
With a touch of boredom the imagination can run wild
opening new boulevards of thought for an informant.

Deplorable Necessities

As we all only once were an embryo the conditioning
of societal norms was an abstract formula of subtraction.
The minus sign hung over our future initiating
no ripples in our brainwaves that streamed so freely.

My Newly-Wed Bride

My newly-wed bride wore a dress as blue as the morning sky.
Adorned with the most charming smile she crowned my hand.
We walked in a paradisal atmosphere after all was said and done.
Caressed by a summer's breeze with the deepest feelings to beautify

Save Our Terra (Don't Drop That Bomb)

Don't drop that bomb we're begging you please
We're pleading on our bended knees
We feel like we're in prison
Soon our souls will all be risen

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