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Out Of The Mist - Poem by kevin bigham

Out of the mist, i recall the moment of the reddest of roses

and the greatest stories of woe, told by the thorns of the supposed

for it was in the shrubbery of the shroud, that love found a voice

it was also the day i discovered myself to be just one amongst those

because the mist had a habit of sharing her thoughts out loud

forcing a simple choice, either choose, or eventually lose

what was left of your humanity, for without the greatest emotion

all that is left is the empty shell of a boy who never quite became a man

a player flush with hole cards dealt under the table by the devils hand

see the state of love has always found me somewhat conflicted

and i always figured, why bother to walk straight, , , when i could limp crooked

so i went along my way, only bending my back to pick up someone else's penny

funny now how karma showed my heartbreak the land of have no pity.

Out of the mist, i recall the day my arrogance replied, 'I got this'

ignoring bliss, never realizing that true love is but a proposition of hit or miss

many times i sought to gain, by uttering his name in vain to eradicate her pain

quoting what was written but never said,

my black heart led, , , down the paths where lovers bled

and i shunned Cupids arrows, trying to pierce my dark shadow

afraid that if i bared my soul, my heart would have no recourse but to follow

and yet ultimately i chose to gamble, but eventually settled on the wrong parlay

i looked into her eyes, imagining the world and everything in it to be mine

but before i could let the sweet smell of fascination live and let live

i made the mistake of seeking to take, before i learned to give

and to my dismay, i traveled the road of 'im going the wrong ass way'

before finally ascertaining that when it comes to the games people play

that love never lets deceit have it's say, and obviously i chose the wrong day.

Out of the mist, i recall the day when lovers reminisced

and my heart beat was defined once and forever as repetitious

for you are the cloud that hangs as if suspended in my air

my eyes are wide shut, and yet i see your thoughts everywhere

i feigned nonchalance in the form of ambivalence

halfhearted was the attempt, , , the intent, , , said but never meant

and yet there was nowhere to turn when your heart put up the faintest of resistance

all i know is that i stand hat in hand, a crumpled love letter waiting to unfold

a chapter in the book of the greatest love story never told

and now as the cold wind blows, isolation chips away at my heart of stone

i travel the avenue of the weeping weary, leery of the state of alone

wishing only to again find the comfort of your arms, i can't make it on my own

and all i can do is search frantically through the mist, trying to find my way home...KB

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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