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The Legend Of The Raggedy Ann - Poem by kevin bigham

She skips down the street,

head nodding to car beats


looking for something

to eat,

her beautiful face,

shows origin

of mixed race,

cocoa colored skin

mocha covered blend,

beautiful mixture

she's seven years old

what's wrong

with this picture.

She skips to the Taco stand,

clerk tells her

no ends,

wrong plan,

she's starving now

but must go home

stomach grumbling

arguing with her backbone,

tears welling

eyes swelling

she covers her face

with her hand,

in this world

she has nothing

but her Raggedy Ann.

She arrives home

all alone,

mama's baby

daddy's maybe,

mama ain't never around

and daddy ain't never been down,

neighbors say responsibility

mama shirks,

but mama got bills

so mama works,

daddy acts like

he ain't next of kin,

but she don't care

she just wants to see him again,

mama says pray for daddy

he's on crack,

she calls on God

but he don't call back,

so she sits on the curb stand

and talks to her best friend

Raggedy Ann.

Raggedy Ann is so pretty

she comforts her,

when she's alone

she speaks to her

in whispered tones,

she is her best friend

until the end,

when she cries

Raggedy Ann

cries too,

when she feels pain

Raggedy Ann feels the same,

all alone in the dark

Raggedy Ann

repeats her name,

what would she do

If Raggedy Ann were lost,

what would she do

could she bear the cost.

Mama's taking her

to the store today,

she's ecstatic

Raggedy Ann

feels the same way,

mama promises to

let her push the cart,

never had a pair of shoes

that didn't come

from Wal Mart,

mama tells her

go wait by the stairs,

don't go anywhere

don't you dare,

but she doesn't care

she wants some fresh air.

Hey little girl

you over there,

you want some candy?

come over here

i got some handy,

she stares

daddy is that you

she declares,

she can't see his face

because of the suns glare,

so she takes a chance

and steps over there.

It's over in an instant

no one witness

no assistance,

he's too strong

no resistance,

her screams not loud enough

to distant,

as his sick mind

seeks to take her innocence,

and rob her

of life's existence.

The back alley

is deserted,

no one can here them

no one alerted,

shes only seven

why her?

Because in his sick world

she's a special little girl,

so why not her?

why not kill her world.

He entices her to surrender

he's armed with a knife

he seeks to dismember,

She swings Raggedy Ann

as hard as she can,

the button from the dolls lace

catches him in the face,

slicing into his eye,

hes momentarily blinded

and she's spry

so she flies,

he's chasing for pain and spite,

but her feet agitate

the pavement

she's running for her life,

shes almost to the street

but he's faster,

and very near

she drops her doll

shes frozen in fear,

he slips and trips over her doll

big mistake,

he never saw the car coming

this seals his fate,




he gone now

HELL has a special room,

Mama's never home

she's always alone,

she prayed to get her daddy off crack.

she thought God

never had her back,

but her mama was always gone

and her daddy was never a man,

so God devised a plan

God sent her a best friend

God sent her Raggedy Ann...KB (Copyright) 2011

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