Angela Yarbrough

Rookie (Lansing, Michigan)

Out Reach - Poem by Angela Yarbrough

She wanted to experience the world
But she was just Daddy’s little girl
So she packed her bags and away ran
Thinking no one truly would understand
She thought she would be a star someday
Not knowing predators are looking for strays
The world can be a cold hearted place
Out there little girls alone aren’t safe

He approached her, told her she was pretty
He spoke misleadingly and wittily
He had only one thing on his mind
At first, she thought this man is so kind
But to take advantage and exploit her
Was truly the plan of this predator
Once he had her right where he wanted
His true nature and plan he flaunted

Afraid to go home where she belonged
The abuse she lived with was prolonged
Feeling like she had no where to turn
Running away was wrong, this lesson learned
Not knowing family just wanted her back
Her faith in happiness was hijacked
How could I ever go back to my home
The little girl thought she was all alone

Her family clueless what happened to her
Vowed not to give up on their little girl
Their life was being turned all upside down
Hoping their little girl would soon be found
They learned that hope is a powerful thing
If she would just come home it would heal pain
With help of friends, family, and strangers
They looked to bring her home from danger

Then one day she met a special lady
That looked at her and didn’t see a baby
Now the lady helped children go home
She let them know they were not alone
That she understood all they had been through
But her going home was way over due
With help she could be at home and be free
They would call together and she would see

She'd help her family know she had changed
That getting her home could be arranged
With patience and a listening ear
At home is where she would appear
And at home is where she would be safe
Things would get to where she wanted to stay
Confidence would come back all in time
And happiness would be a sure sign

So one day the little girl made a call
“Can I come home”, she said as she bawled
That was all her loved ones waited to hear
This tear filled voice was music to their ears
“Of course you can, this is always your home”
Standing next to her she gave the phone
To the lady who knew all too well
Everything, because she’d been there herself

Poet's Notes about The Poem

According to the National Runaway Switchboard 1.6 to 2.8 million teens run away from home each year
In order to obtain money for food and/or drugs children living on the streets sometimes resort to prostitution, pornography or robbery
The most common reason that children runaway is family friction over such issues as curfew, truancy, behavior, dress code, academic performance, and the child's choice of friends
Sometimes because of problems children are afraid to face such as bullying at school, pregnancy, sexual orientation or alcohol and drug problems children may decide to run away from home
Sometimes life on the streets looks better than life at home in an abusive situation
I chose this subject because when I was a child life was difficult for me so I chose to run. That was many years ago. Today children deal with problems I never had to face. If someone would of just took the time to tell me I hear you, I see you, I understand and I want to help things might have been different for me.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 14, 2014

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