Enriquito Lucero Jr.

Outside Looking, In Observing - Poem by Enriquito Lucero Jr.

The sweet perfumed scent on the wind it blew
A lasting breathe of nature's virgin dew
As crickets yelled on that shaded noon
Seemed like the sun conceded to the moon

Its allies buoyant on the skies as clouds
That humbled the proud rays of light it shrouds
And an echo rippled through at a nook
As waters embraced the rocks on the brook

While restful sounds of flora and fauna
Played each pieces on nature's orchestra
With the landscape of the world in splendor
Crafted by the hands of God in glamour

These fleeting views that need to be captured
Not with words nor paints these sights be pictured
A justice served unspoken to witness,
A golden moment displayed in greatness.

A poet there engulfed by this beauty
Sliced a piece and jot his lines of poetry,
A leaf in a book of endless pages
Inscribed herein were the poet's verses:

A panorama
Of nature's beauty
A bard's eye can see.

The curtained skies
By cold mountain breeze,
Of leaves in a haze.

A mute lullaby
To life's filled embrace,
That none could replace.

All these I see,
A dose of a pill
On a life gone ill.

Goes the rhyme of the rhymester's reflection
Thru objective notion his vision shown
As it passed inside thru his window niche
Where the tears rolled out from his inner pits.

Within: Is a ship that sailed aimlessly
Steered into the waves of adversity
Navigating ever without a port
To unload tons of cargoes from all sort.

From the north and south, from the east and west
It's like a ghost sailing lost, seeking rest
But finding the day as a blinding sight
While it yearned from the stars in a dark night.

These fleeting sparks that need to be captured
In the captain's heart this sight be treasured
A hope in a life of total darkness
A guiding light arrayed in full vastness.

That is the poet's world seen with eyes closed
The mute voice on the last line he composed,
The vocals of the nature's orchestra
With a song on life's obra maestra.

- June 28,2006

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