Pain Takes Control Poem by melissa dixon

Pain Takes Control

pain takes control
pain makes me say things that i dont mean
like someone is taking over me
taking over my body
like im not me
not me speaking
not me inside
someone else
making others seem it is me
when its not
i want the pain to stop
but i dont know how to stop it
please god tell me
tell me how to stop it
stop the thing inside me
taking over me
please help me
help me get rid of it
the thing inside
make it stop
make it stop
im crying out for help
but know one is listening
no one can hear me
i let the thing take over
im not me
no one can help
but myself
the one that let it take control
the one that let it inside
the one is me

Mona Martinez 27 April 2009

i like this. that is so true once the pain takes control it hard to stop it. i've been there with pain. it hard to control the things you say when you are in pain.

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Angel Wings 24 April 2009

Im not one for talking much about my problems so when I get to felling like this i know Im the only one that can turn it around i love the line that says no one can help me but my self great job

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