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look at me,
what can you see?
a girl living her dream,
fighting through pain,

i wonder if details matter,
it happened so long ago,
is it really important?
do i really need to know,

i no longer play the victim,
that no longer who i am,
i'm the girl who finds my own way,
not afraid to ask for help,

i have two side,
but, don't we all?
one afraid to face challenge,
but, the other side know,

call me crazy,
i just can't shake the facts,
what are we so afraid of?
we admit our lover for each other,

how do you say?
hey i'm suicidial,
i need help?
it not that easy,

i remember the day you left,
in a blink of an eye,
you just died,
what the hell happened?

how fast time flies,
you no longer by my side,
i seem to be alone,
just wish you would come,

i feel so alone,
in this place call life.
i hear great things
and bad things.

if i had to say how i feel,
i can't really say,
you were my mother,
a gift from god,

don't judge me,
for what you can't agree,
i'm only me,
what do that have to do with you?

took my trust,
my heart,
and my innocents,
act like you took nothing,

i was a girl who judged,
until i met you,
your personailty,
is colorful,

because of you,
i'm not the same,
nor will i ever be,
because of you,

it been two years since i lost you,
and the years are going up,
it gets easier to think of you,
but having you here will be nice too,


we feel alone,
when we don't reach out,

life can be ****ed up,
but what can we do?
whine and cry
because the things we want

when we talk,
my problems melt away,
you take me back,
to the times we were kids,

you had control,
you made me feel special,
but something wasn't right,
questions were floating around,

i miss you,
the more that days pass,
brings to reality,
that you are no longer here,

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I'm a person that writes from the heart. Express feelings through poetry, because it the only way I can find the right words. My poetry is always honested, becaused I see no point in holding back. Either you like me as a writter or you don't. I am who I am. I won't change that for nothing. I grow up to have a mind and speak it, and somewhere along the line I've lost that person. Gaining her back slowly through writting.)

The Best Poem Of mona martinez

A Brand New Me

look at me,
what can you see?
a girl living her dream,
fighting through pain,
just to be her best,
that all she can do,
forget what people say,
they don't know me,
or what i want,
why should they choose?
it's not their life,
SO BACK OFF! ! ! !
let a girl do her thing,
because i freakin sick of labels,
that used to defind who i am,
well guess what?
that not me,
try and put me down,
because your $#! t,
don't work on me,
cuz you see this,
IT'S A BRAND NEW ME! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Copyright © 2009

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~ Jon London ~ 06 March 2009

Mona's works are heart written, her lines are true to form when comes to creating poems that are a delight to read. Keep expressing Jon

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