Anger Poem by melissa dixon


Rating: 3.8

anger is anger
anger makes you scream
anger makes you hate
anger takes control
anger want let go
anger wants you to hurt
anger wants you to sufer
anger makes you mad
anger makes you cry
anger turns people against you
anger is anger

Marvette Payne 16 August 2009

i like it because its true every part i like the poem a lot itz kind of relating to me

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Ron Flowers 28 December 2008

Nothing good ever comes from anger. You said it well, Melissa. Regards Ron

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Marcus Mckinley 30 July 2010

anger is a great motivator. nicely done on line 5: anger want let go...... did you mean: anger won't let go.....

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Mona Martinez 27 April 2009

wow. i couldn't write one better than that.

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Stacey Watts 30 December 2008

Anger, this is a great job. Flows well.10

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Melissa Dixon 28 February 2018

Thank you for your comment

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Melissa Dixon 28 February 2018

Thank you all for the comments I forgot I had posted my poems I was 15 at the time

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Melissa Dixon 28 February 2018

Thanks I forgot I had wrote poems or even posted them I was 15 years old

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Daddddddd 26 February 2018

You spelt things wrong

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Charles Odenburg 06 January 2012

More development, I fail to comprehend the emotions that anger inspires in you because of the blatant simplicity of your poem. English majored. kthnksbye

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