Patti Masterman

Palindrome - Boy Prostrate Of Snows In Winter Now - Poem by Patti Masterman

boy prostrate of snows in winter now
blue beneath hard ice pond that field
red hapless thing submerged next door
hint of red showed that place
I stumbled through cruel bracken
branches catching my flowing coat sleeves
forest denying the savior
water drank once for his cold embalming
eyes open wide too stares that sky down
i weep to seeing living child become just trapped fish
fish trapped just become child living seeing to weep I
down sky that stares too wide open eyes
embalming cold his for once drank water
savior the denying forest
sleeves coat flowing my catching branches
bracken cruel through stumbled I
place that showed red of hint
door next submerged thing hapless red
field that pond ice hard beneath blue
now winter in snows of prostrate boy

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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