Artchil Daug

Pantomime Of A Madman: Atonement - Poem by Artchil Daug

Atonement is the reflection in the mirror
of ourselves struggling to reconcile
the broken structures of our ego caused
by the confusion between the images
of that seemingly fleeting hyperreality
and the physical world that crawled
before our eyes passing
as shadows emanating from the realm
of forms and objective reality imagined
from the subjectivity of experience,
especially that down-to-earth and god-fearing
spirit that you dated yesterday,
a man who remained faceless beneath
the ideals that float in a fog over his body,
or that time when you made love
to activism and became sapiosexual
leading you to believe that relationships
are as temporary as your mood swings
or the fleeting pictures of celluloid and diodes
because what matters to you was the idea
and not the interactions of the flesh
nor the magnetic sensations of the body
which you rejected away as shadows
in a cave that blinded your eyes from
simple actualities that now appear to you
as reflections of images appearing
on those mirror pieces that I inserted
in your sockets to replace your dead eyes
and now serve as your atonement—
as mirrors to my soul.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 20, 2012

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