Passing Time Poem by Maya Angelou

Passing Time

Rating: 3.6

Your skin like dawn
Mine like musk

One paints the beginning
of a certain end.

The other, the end of a
sure beginning.

Olivia Jonas 14 January 2012

I have to say she is not a great poet.

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Matt O'leary 24 June 2009

Surely that's a spelling mistake in the second line? 'Mine like musk' Shouldn't it be dusk?

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Tony Elsby 12 May 2011

For me such a sad poem but yes, as someone else mentioned, a profound poem nevertheless. Testimony to the brainwashing of people all over the world by those who would control them from birth. Would that the brotherhood of youth would rise up and reject such theft of the soul by bigotted people and defend real freedom instead of self interest. Thou Shalt Not Steal Applies to minds as well as chattels and, in my view, the former is a greater sin than the latter. With respect to the rights and freedoms of others a person should be able to think whatever they wish and to love whoever they choose. That they so-often can't is more a reflection of fear rather than conviction.

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Supriya Chowdhary 05 March 2010

a beautiful and very profound poem indeed. analogy of color, its acceptance and the pride in it is clearly evident but the last two lines establishing the relationship of one to begining and the other to end is captivating. if this poem has to be read in terms od binaries, it can be endless binaries, black, wjite, man women, self, other, west, east. as any hegemonic power has certain ends in mind whereas the 'other' is characterised by begining. please respond if anyone disagrees.. waiting.....

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Dean Poo 27 April 2023

Bro this comment section is wild

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R S Soni 29 May 2022

अरुणाई लिये तुम्हारी त्वचा मेरी गोधूली की तरह उदय हो या अस्त लालिमा दोनों की समान लेकिन बहुत फ़र्क़ है दोनों में एक है प्रारम्भ, तय अंत का दूसरा अंत है एक निश्चित आरम्भ का #रासो

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R S Soni 29 May 2022

Translated the poem in Hindi.

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Zoey 28 August 2022

I would like to read that

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Yashmitha bomidi 12 December 2021

Brilliant and short poem and please encourage me miss

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Suryendu Chaudhury 11 October 2020

In it's brevity it accounts for a lot.

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