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What comes to halt
is not a distant call.
It continues on and on
from night till morn.

In the knitted eyebrows,
of grim and grey,
there's none but sorrows,
likely to stay.


If hopes die
life shall come to an end
let's not let ourselves down,
assist our hpoes to resurface,

If there's sorrow
it won't be there tomorrow.
If there's disease
tomorrow it may cease to exist.

Do not put your hopes to sleep
dreams will take you far
development is to come from within
work is worship

A child seeks warmth
in the lap of mother,
A world seeks love
in the lap of mother,

Let's work today
to make a better tomorrow
and refrain from idle play
to drive away the sorrow.

Thanks to those
who supported us
thanks to those
who didn't

The light of truth
shall end the dark
removing uncouth
shall light up a spark.

Have you listened to the nightingale's song
and with a pigeon chatted along?
The silver glow of the night sky
shall teach you to look wihtin mind's eye

Emotions are not that easy
they let you onto finer understanding
if you feel you can be rigid
and do away with them

There seems to be something
that holds true to life
beyond the rat race
with the promise of sublime,

Love comes to those
who spread the love
in the face of aggression
they spread the calm

The sun bears welcome in the eye
beyond today your dreams lie
tomorrow shall be your day
so till the sun shines make hay

Call me a fool
there's no harm
fools are not cold
but do share warmth

In some lines they speak so much
and in many lines we speak so little
that's what marks the great from good
that's what marks the sublimity


Victory and defeat
both come in life
to deal with them porperly
strikes the note of balance


We are humans
we feel for everyone
we love the planet
we care for nature

It's good to rest awhile
work is worship
but for renewed enrgy
and regaining spirits

It's hard to be true
and harder to remain so
easily earned success
may easily go

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What comes to halt
is not a distant call.
It continues on and on
from night till morn.
In the shade and open,
it scatters, reopens.
The only way to heal
is to feel it deep.
If smile doesn'tcome
why shall we weep
there being no error
greater than terror.
We should stand up for: peace!

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If life is not a learning experience than there's none that ever existed.

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