Passion Of A Man - Poem by RIC BASTASA

His fingers are strong and determined
And when he loves you
He chases, and follows you wherever you go
Like a river flowing like a brown river flooding
Scurrying its way to the mouth
Of the sea
Taking the least of resistance
But if obstructed
Like the river
There will be an overflowing
A strong raging of the waters
Of his fury
Taking everything
Houses trees fowls
Children, men, and women
And boulders
And lands
Those that block his way

His arms embrace you
And he suffocates you with the pungent odor
Of his masculine love
He breathes deeply saving all his strength
He holds you tight
His chiseled muscled body pressed
Against yours
He bends he stands he kneels he bends
Again he bows to you
Touches you from the
Tip of your toe
To the tip of you
Hair and he surveys
Every inch of
Your flesh-territories
Obeys your wishes
Takes your command
And your desires
In full obeisance
Like a slave
He breathes deeply taking the strengths
Of a hundred bulls
He breathes in the force of the forests
And the trees
And taking all the grace in you
He thrusts at you like a storm
A strong wind
You are at the center of his power
You are loved you are not destroyed
You are one beautiful weakness giving in
To this force his strength his thrusts
And when this coiling
These bombardments
These lovely conquests
Are over
As he eats whatever
He needs to make
His fill
Of your love
Famished as he is
To his longings
Of you
Like an overfed boa
He lies next to you
His eyes gentle
His hands so tender
Resting on your breast
Caressing your thighs like a soft wind
A soft breeze from the green trees of the valleys
His lips to your nipples
You are warm and wet
In so sweet still warm embrace
It is over
He is exhausted
And you are

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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