Pathetic Administration In Kerala Poem by Nash Thomas

Pathetic Administration In Kerala

I feel pity,
Pity, so much pity,
A failure IT admin,
Failed to bring any light,
Can't even develop a simple key,
To type Malayalam at an ease,
It is so simple, so simple,
Even one month itself is enough,
But still, we can't any solution,
I feel, pity, so much pity,
We never need speech,
We never need lighting of traditional lamps,
We need a simple app for typing,
Automatic typing through AI,
Support me, I can do wonders,
It is just like the play of infant child,
But still, IT secretary can't do anything,
Shame, shame, shame,
What a pity admin! , What a pity admin! .
Give me funds, I will give the product,
Give me funds, I will give the product,
Within just one month,
You failed to give for the last two decades,
Pity admin, pity admin,
Shame, shame, shame.
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16-12-2018,9.12 AM, Kadammanitta.

Saturday, December 15, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: failure,pity
Madathil Rajendran Nair 16 December 2018

Windows has it in their pack from which you can have it easily installed. In the beginning, you may be slow. But being comparatively younger than me, I am sure you can easily master it. If you have difficulty, please call me on 9495707509.

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Nash Thomas 16 December 2018

Thanks for the reading and supportive comment with mobile number..

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 16 December 2018

As one who often dabs in Malayalam poetry, I can understand your concern. But, there is a solution. You have a very reliable, independent Malayalam keyboard in INSCRIPT. If you master that, you will be at once at ease with Malayalam as well as the other Indian languages including Sanskrit.

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Nash Thomas

Nash Thomas

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