The Real Fruit Poem by Nash Thomas

The Real Fruit

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My father planted two Rambutans,
On the back side on our lovely home,
Thinking that would bear fruit in right time,
And gain a little by selling the same.

Days and times were passing,
It rose to fifty plus feet high,
Flowered many times at right time,
But, failed to bear fruits all the time.

But we aren't like to cut the tree-
For want of firewood,
Even if, we are short of it.

When it raises to heights,
Lovely leaves and branches raise in air,
Showing the gifted joy of nature,
We all filled with joy.
Air is lovely with the play of birds,
Air is lovely by the voices of squirrels,
Air is filled with the joy of birds,
Air is filled with the dancing music,
Squirrels and birds make master band,
That comes from the heart of joy,
That comes from the heart of open will,
I like to keep a chair near the tree,
While reading books in my collections,
How fine it is to hear the music,
How fine it to sit in the divine music,
All, make trees a nice playground.
How fine it to keep an eye on the play,
Squirrels and birds make master band,
Trumpet by lovely squirrels filled in air,
Lovely music of birds filled there,
All are filled with joy,
We aren't like to cut the tree,
For, want of firewood.
Even if, we are short of it.

Nash Thomas

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 27 December 2014

All are filled with joy, We aren't like to cut the tree, For, want of firewood. Even if, we are short of it... nice lines..10 taht is beauty of nature you make sure that there is no cutting of frees even if we are getting firewood free

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 27 December 2014

Nash, this is sincere, melancholic, appreciative, and leaves lots of images to think about. I like this. Keep on writing.

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 27 December 2014

All are filled with joy, We aren't like to cut the tree, For, want of firewood. Even if, we are short of it. A nicely composed poem with a direct message.I enjoyed reading it.Keep sharing Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 27 December 2014

Trees even if they are not bearing fruits in time have its own advantages to nature and human beings.Also to the birds, squirrel like species which are nature's own gifts and contribution to the world. Looking the branches of trees and enjoying its shade and new leaves is an experience and entertainment when there is time to do so and in fact it is the most interesting aspect of nature. The trees are also recharging water to the earth and their service to the mother earth is another advantage. Liking such a tree by the poet is beautifully narrated in the poem and it is a total success and poem likes in that spirit.

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Sophy Chen 29 December 2014

Dear Nash Thomas I love your poem, The Real Fruit The tree is the real fruit of nature gifted by God not only its fruits. if we hunmans plant the tree for nture not for its fruits, it would be better just like if we do somthing without any purposes we will feel better and if we allways think about its results we will feel so sad because we are so eager to get its fruits and then we just forget that its process is so bueatuful as the tree's growing in your peom. That is The Real Fruit. Sophy Chen in China

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 16 December 2018

This simple poem gives a good feeling. Let the birds and squirrels continue to sing and play in mirth in your poetry. It doesn't matter if the Rambutan doesn't bear fruit. God bless.

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Jiji John 06 May 2016

Very Nice poem Nash..

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Li Sharry 05 January 2015

love poem! I like it.

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Asit Kumar Sanyal 03 January 2015

Sweet poem. Real tree lover.

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Preitty Nayarr 01 January 2015

Loved it, the poem is filled with nostalgia and i love the way you defined nature! These days people don't value the trees and shrubs, you are very unique poet..keep up ur works! Do check mines! :)

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