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Pen And Paper - Poem by sweet mystique

When better days go away
When old friends seem to be busy
When tears fall like gushing blood
When heart is struck by a lightning rod.

When the sun leaves the moon
When fireflies flee to rome
When rubber is stretched to its limit
When chocolates melt under the heat.

When a stare can kill
When words work like laser
When a touch becomes highly infectious
When mind fails till it completely narrows.

When a present turns to be an ex
When a friend becomes your next
When right foot don't compliment your left
When you're going down and nobody gives a lift.

When you're dancing with a broken music
When you're eating an ice cream you can't even lick
When you see black instead of red
When a hug sets fire on a waterbed.

When you becomes a shadow and your shadow becomes you
When cold dark nights gives you a flu
When time moves quickly in reverse
When a mega asteroid hits the universe.

When the summit is too steep to climb
When dreams can't keep you alive
When pages matter more than the contents
When tamed man's bestfriend resorts to violence.

When a smile meant nothing more than nothing
When power in you reigns yet you can't do everything
When rejection spoils the desire to breathe
When insomnia strikes to steal your sleep.

When candid shots tell the real story
When you expected roses yet you're given hay
When a taste of love blurs your vision
When you wanna keep on fighting though you can't find the reason

When a favorite shoe don't fit anymore
When you walk on tiptoes along the seashore
When you wanted A's yet you're given C's
When it only takes a flaw to get down on your knees.

When the crossroads of life build confusion
When both negatives create a deadly fusion
When joy is dulled by a deceiving silhouette
When you wanna laugh out loud and you don't want to fret

When a tiny dust gets into your eyes
When you planted honesty yet harvested crates of lies
When you can hardly sip a pure water
When the future don't come together like it's made of raw flour.

When your world is tumbling down
When forced to wear a thorny crown
When things you cherish falls apart
When sadness creeps to the depths of your heart.

When all good things become worst
When pessimism breaks through your walls
Write it all down and it will be better
All you've got to do is TRUST your mighty friends named PEN AND PAPER.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 12, 2012

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