Ph: First Though, Let Me Close Eyes! Poem by Brian Johnston

Ph: First Though, Let Me Close Eyes!

When my mother got older, I shared in her care
With my sister (whose home's in Chicago) a while,
As a male, this posed challenges so I got help,
Sure it impacted time, but this choice made me smile!

Now the care of the elderly many will face,
But investment in Mom proved a special reward,
Not too much she could do, but a friend helped for free,
Both relationships chance to be newly explored.

Son's care viewed as a gift, not as something deserved,
Did a lot that (to nurture my role in Mom's life!)
Like new parents perhaps who can't wait for child's birth,
Or a son trusts God's Will's in his choice of a wife!

Oh, how humor can pave the roads we choose at times,
Mom would shower on waking (to start her day right)
With some help, she got in for jacuzzi tub soak,
With some bubble's to scent bath's air, things were alright!

Soon enough, the bath drained, but she couldn't get up,
Bad news! Friend lacked the strength to assist, a surprise,
She was shy, but they needed my help now it seemed,
Mom's response, 'Get my son! First though, let me close eyes! '

Brian Johnston
1st of September 2018

Tim Curtin 03 September 2018

Lovely story comments about a life experience. Oh, the do's and don'ts that Mom gave us... At life's end, we have to rethink those many commandments... the child is now, and must attend to his parent with a responsibility above admonitions. TC

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