Ph: Life: Imagine! Poem by Brian Johnston

Ph: Life: Imagine!

Rating: 5.0

What if a dream should actually come true?
Can you imagine how that really might feel?
One day you are laying down flat on your face,
The next day you are dancing a 'Scottish reel.'

'Good accidents' can befall the unlucky,
And 'bad luck' can sometimes cripple the chosen,
A tropic typhoon can ruin a vacation,
An arctic heat wave can thaw out the frozen.

You should know dreams are not just about venting,
Not just part of a 'Walter Mitty' life style,
Your dreams can be precursors to real action,
The kind that just might make your own life worthwhile.

It is not enough just to want what you want,
At the very least one more step you will find,
To visualize first how your life would be changed,
This act alone might just bring peace to your mind.

To visualize something is in fact to dream,
The difference is just that you're conscious,
All the action still taking place in your brain,
All the chemistry is in your subconscious.

We're all glad God leaves some prayers unanswered,
Well it turns out that not all dreams are equal,
Before you say dreams are a waste of your time,
Think! Any dream can give birth to a sequel.

I hear some of you saying you don't get it,
And you think that fate is not an elective,
But don't throw your baby out with 'bath water.'
Please just reflect on the powr' of perspective.

Brian Johnston
January 13,2014
Gajanan Mishra 13 January 2014

good poem, I like it, thanks.

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Lorraine Colon 14 January 2014

This flows so nicely. You did a great job on this poem. Any dream can give birth to a sequel - my favorite line.

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Bhavna Singh 15 January 2014

suprbb brian johnston...

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Stephen Katona 15 January 2014

A lovely poem to encourage the reader to dream, and make their dream reality.

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Mxolisi Ignatious 15 January 2014

What a Great Imaginative Poem It Is, I Enjoyed and Adored Reading It! , Keep Them Coming.

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Donald Charon 13 July 2014

Brian, I liked Imagine. I would have rated it an 8 but there was no option to vote on this particular one. The detractor(s) might be trapped in a dark soul and should use that to their advantage rather than being hurtful. Some of our best writing comes from our lowest lows. They should be honest and put it out there.

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Shobana Gomes 30 April 2014

Fantastic! I loved how you captured the right form of visualization as compared to a dream. If only is what comes to my mind Brian. To dream and to live are two entirely different visions.

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Yash Shinde 23 April 2014

Its good, never to stop dreaming! Friend Brian, may this work of yours inspire people to dream....... And also motivate the losers to stand again and achieve what they have dreamt of.: -)

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 25 January 2014

Your dreams can be precursors to real action, The kind that just might make your own life worthwhile. Dreams come true. Dream for peace. Dream for well-being. Beautiful poem. Thank you.

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John Rickell 25 January 2014

I love this A wonderful appraisal of of life/dreams.It may well be that life is the dream after- death the reality. I have a black labrador retriever who is not too well at the moment, at12years he is on pain control and sleeps a lot. What is he thinking? . He must think, he must dream the life force that causes him to live is the same that I enjoy. I dream my poems are fantasy.You are a dreamer and a happy one at that. It showsThankyou for this poem

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