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'Phantasmagoria' By Dave Hart - Poem by David Hart

'Phantasmagoria' by Dave Hart

You gaze silently
and stare squinting
through your stained glass panes.

Now pulling aside
sapphire drapes
of flowing somber samite
Replete with glowing organdy
You gaze out.

Lo, a lazy mesmerized
quixotic moon-
blithely blows kisses,
wryly winks
and coyly smiles.

Yea, a light seesaw of a day
of ecstasy and spritely delight-
now wanes to a quiet evening tune.

Transfixed you
muse -attent through moist
window panes.

And now enter the past pains
a flowing Rorschach panorama
of fluid specters-

a pentimento painting
of myriad serpentine days
into mellifluous mellowing nights.

Now mirthful,
this moon merrily
mills reticent
clouds in a star
clustered plight.

The meeting with Morpheus...
-wondering of his mood-
cheery and cherry,
one hopes.


In the soft security
of your pliant bed-
a weary cheek cradled
in thoughts of this
day now blithely tread-

a voice and vision from the past-
'night night
nighty nite
sleep tight'.

in a dream

Floating in the night skyscape
.. a phantasmagoria
of sensual sights and sounds..

riding in a catamaran of gilded silk..
over the still quiet town.

There's the tailor's shop,
the market place,
and the gurgling fountains of the park.

On to other lands afar..
the Taj Mahal..
the Great Wall of China
the winged maneuvers of a lark


reeling red and yellow
sea horses laugh and dance
you roar
over tree tops...
mermaids now samba agog
with cheshire cats to the
music of Sergei Rachmaninoff.
shooting stars
of blue purple catching
bolts of lightening

Dearest one
awake now
and stir...
To scents of frankincense
and myrrh.. voices of the past.

Long lingering in your cozy warm bed..
with thoughts
tantalizing in your graceful head..

Birds twitter
and herald yon
day's new light...
a new morn sun yields
David Hart 2006

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 8, 2009

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