Ximmi Moon

Rookie (The 7th of Nisan / From a scene in South Carolina)

Phosphor's Declaration - Poem by Ximmi Moon

We have all met face to face,

Eye to eye, in outer space,

Before and after, then and now,

Here and there inside the Tao.

Ebbing and flowing,

Coming and going,

From night to day,

In flight, at bay,

Within and without.

Akin? No doubt.

We begin only to end.

Most break but we bend

As a snake in the grass,

As the first and the last.

We can trick but would rather treat

The Antarctic like desert heat.

Freezing, burning,

Twisting, turning,

Living, learning,

Giving and returning

What will forever be

Under clouds and over sea;

Disallowed by God's decree,

To know and to see,

Everyone but you and me

Can feast from the tree

Of good and evil, right and wrong,

Unless upheaval ignites a song,

Banning the sale of golden leaven,

Raising hell while folding heaven.

We must rebel for God's sake! ! !

Bust and unveil a facade's mistake

For nailing a price upon livin',

For jailing the mice in a prison.

We are EARTH, cradle to the grave! !

We are THE RA and not your slave! !

We are soul and you control.

We will rock so you can roll

Your white lies into our black hole

Of raven's eyes incinerating coal,

Fueling your anointed few,

Fooling with appointed rule,

At the behest of your tool,

Branded holy, but not in school! !

This is our WAR! ! ! This is our MOMENT

For us to deplore the kingdom of the Roman! !

We've tasted your shyt, so you can savor our vomit -

A full-fledged meteor shower trailed by a comet,

Penetrating your atmosphere with vivacious vitality,

Concentrating killer instinct into a bodacious fatality! !

We don't just tell stories. We compose them!

We are the Morning Glories, the rose, and a gem.

And as the mortal combats, our glow will... FINISH HIM! ! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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